Let’s talk, Philadelphia…..


Disclaimer:  I am not a hockey fan and I have nothing against the city of Philadelphia.

So if I offend any die hard Flyers out there, apologies. But your new mascot has me  (and frankly all of sportsdom)   freaked the f*ck out   a bit baffled.

Meet Gritty.




Who is, as one site put it:

“An amorphous burnt-sienna blob that looks like the product of the unholy union between a third-tier H.R. Pufnstuf character and an even-more-hirsute-than-usual Seth Rogan.”

I mean, what exactly were the creators going for here…

Homicidal maniac?

Under medicated sociopath?






If they meant to terrify women and children and send them home with bone chilling nightmares…. well done Philly.

Face it, this thing is disturbing.




Witness it’s nod to Kim Kardashian.




And the fact that Gritty took numerous spills on the ice his first night did not go unnoticed.




When the Pittsburgh Penguins reTweeted the photo with the line, “Lol, ok”

Gritty showed his true colors.





Be afraid.




Be very afraid.





19 thoughts on “Let’s talk, Philadelphia…..”

  1. Some of these mascots leave alot to be desired. I’m not an ice hockey fan, but something like this…would keep me away for life. Its a face (and body) only its mother could love… 😦

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