An honest politician!


I received a flier in the mail the other day for a man running for the State House of Representatives.

And while I usually throw those things away, this one grabbed my attention for it’s absolute and utter honesty.

Finally! I thought….

Someone is taking responsibility for their actions.





It explained so much!

The total lack of unicorns visiting our backyard…




The fact that people still watch reality tv….





Oh, alright.

It was really just a statement about his opponent’s outrageous claims against him and his political record.

But for a minute there..

It was nice to dream about an honest politician, right?






13 thoughts on “An honest politician!”

  1. The last unicon is gone? I say good riddance. Have you any idea how difficult it was to clean up all that sparkle after a herd of unicons thundered across your lawn? Hell, they were harder on the grass than the neighborhood kids.

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