38 thoughts on “It’s still growing…..”

  1. I believe it is a mushroom:

    Calvatia gigantea, commonly known as the giant puffball, is a puffball mushroom commonly found in meadows, fields, and deciduous forests usually in late summer and autumn. It is found in temperate areas throughout the world.

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    1. I know about those, we have them as well. But this thing feels… rubbery. No puffing when touched. And it literally sprung up out of the tar driveway, breaking the sealant. Never seen a mushroom strong enough to do that!


  2. Before we sold our house last year, there were gigantic, nasty looking mushrooms growing on the front yard, sometimes overnight! They were too big to even stomp on! We never had them before. As far as I could tell, no neighboring properties had them. I believe we moved out just in time.

    Our new house has mushrooms, too, but they’re the normal little ones. Well, except for the ugly leathery brown ones with the bright yellow gills, but I looked those up and learned they’re edible. Even considered a delicacy by some. Not that I’m willing to take a chance, of course. It may be a plot.

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    1. I adore mushrooms! When we were in France I thought I’d died and gone to heaven… but I’ve never had a wild picked one. I’d be terrified to poison myself.
      That being said… this abomination does not look the least bit tasty!


      1. Yeah. It always starts that way. Then a tiny itch starts where your finger contacted the skin, then a little numbness slowly spreads.
        It is time to write that final letter … you probably have time for that …

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  3. It will explode, distributing its progeny on the wind and landing in various other areas of your land to take root, grow and reproduce.
    You currently have one, take action before one becomes 200.

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