Island hopping in Vermont.





No, not yet.

But there are indeed islands in Vermont.




It’s possible because Lake Champlain is so frickin’ big. I swear as you drive around it, you’d think it was an inland sea.




So on our first full day, we drove north through the Heroes, (North and South…not super) and Grand Isle.




It was lovely.




Rich, rolling farmland with mountain backdrops…




And the lake on both sides.




There were cows….




( I do. I totally do…)


And we happily played tourist, enjoying the natural beauty.





It’s a big friggin’ lake.




As we came to the end of the islands…




And realized we didn’t have our passports, New York it was.




Which is where we saw geese.




Lots and lots…




And lots of geese.

Seriously, they went on forever.




More farmland on the New York side.




As well as a massive apple orchard.




How massive?




That massive.




So naturally we had to go inside and partake of it’s massive appley goodness.




And oh, the smell!




They should bottle it…. Eau de la Apple Crate. I would happily bathe in it.





So after buying apples, apple pie, apple turnovers, apple cider donuts and apple blossom honey we waddled out and continued touring.




More lake…




More farm land…




More geese. You get the picture…

We headed south through Plattsburgh, and I’m sorry… but Plattsburgh? You suck. The part we experienced was dirty, foul smelling, full of air pollution and had that “we just don’t care anymore” attitude.

As boring as my vacation blogs are, even I’m not going to post pictures of you.




28 thoughts on “Island hopping in Vermont.”

  1. Plattsburgh is vile. It was the nearest ‘big’ town to our cabin which was closer to Ausable Forks. I hated when we had to go get stuff there. Plattsburgh is depressing. I like to define it as ‘hideous shithole’ but I’m too kind.

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  2. Geese refuse to speak English? I hope Trump doesn’t find out, because then their goose would be cooked. Who knows what he might do to keep them from crossing over from Canada to seek sanctuary in the US? Those that do make it would probably have their goslings taken from their parents, never to see them again.

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  3. Lake Champlain may be huge, but Vermont is still small enough to have a sign that points to both New York and Canada from the same spot…

    Plattsburgh sounds an awful lot like my wonderful hometown. At least the pollution and foul smelling part. If you come at the right time, you can even get silver flake showers from the local steel mill… always a crowd pleaser!

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  4. high risk of TMI – but eventually there is a car conversation – what that you? No, I said. IT’S THE INDUSTRIAL PLANT – we were driving past. The cow thing is the same as the sea thing. In England – I can see the sea has to be announced loudly and excitedly – similar to your cows

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    1. As we drove into the city we passed under a giant sign spanning the road, linked to industrial buildings on both side. They were filthy, and belching foul smoke. It read… “Georgia Pacific Welcomes You to Plattsburgh!”
      Yeah, tell the tourism bureau to go home. They’re drunk.


  5. Mmmm–let’s see—geese =’s food—-apples =’s food—water =’s fish =’s food—cows =’s food–New York =’s food (not sure about Canada!)==all this food and no pictures of even a hot steaming apple pie with a scoop of ice cream–and we are suppose to give Thanks on Thursday?!?!?!

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  6. I died laughing at the cow meme and showed JoJo–and she said “That’s you AF. Plus you tell everyone about all the colors of the cows.” So…yeah. I’m that person. Also–the goose meme? I feel personally attacked. 😉

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    1. I don’t know what it is… but I can’t help myself. I see a cow, it must be announced. And in the most annoying, drawn out whine I can manage. Cooooowwwwssss! Nice to know I’m not alone in that affliction.
      As for the geese… apologies. Personally, I think you’re all delightful creatures.

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