The Grand Canyon of the Adirondaks.


Some of the best places we find are by accident, and had the weather been  warmer than a Dick Cheney embrace  more conducive to strolling…. we would have taken full advantage of this gem we stumbled upon.




At first we thought it was just a cool bridge….




With some interesting stone work…




Which it was.




But as we got out of the car and walked around….




We realized the bridge spanned a massive chasm.




And it was actually a park you could explore…. with winding trails and breathtaking views.




Had it not been  cold enough to freeze my genitals shut  a bit brisk to walk around, that’s exactly what we would have done.




(5 points if you know the difference between a cavern and a chasm without looking it up.)




I’m not sure if you can tell, but in this next picture?




That batch of white stuff on the right hand side is ice, clinging to the trees and rocks from the spray.



I believe my husband might have said that once or twice.




So yes, Ausable Chasm is on our list of  “return to when  our genitals are not in danger  the weather warms up”  places.




But here’s a little taste of the vertigo inducing water hole to hold you until then-



27 thoughts on “The Grand Canyon of the Adirondaks.”

      1. To be honest, we’ve done that so many times it’s lost it’s allure. Every visitor we have always wants to go… and it’s usually so overcast up there you can’t see much. So, yeah. Probably not.

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  1. That’s about ten minutes from where we had our cabin (until earlier this year) Port Kent is right next door and you can catch a ferry to Vermont from there but it’s very spendy. Far better to drive across up by Plattsburgh. If you continue down the road there’s a fantastic ice cream stand a few miles down but my recommendation (in summer time!) is for Whiteface and Lake Placid. They’re my two favourite places up there

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    1. Oh sure, sell the cabin right when I discover this place. Nice!
      We were going to take the ferry back across just for the hell of it, but it had already stopped running for the season.
      And yes, Lake Placid is on our resort list… so we’ll be there. Someday.

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      1. I’m regretting it but it was the first step on the ‘plan to move’. The taxes up there on a two bedroom, 1 bathroom cabin were eye watering. More than twice what we pay on our house here. We were lucky because cabins can take forever to sell up there so we jumped. I’d have liked one last summer and autumn though.

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  2. Saw AuSable Chasm decades ago but don’t remember that “cool bridge” — either it wasn’t there then, or my memory has gone downstream (probably the latter).
    By the way, I looked up “AuSable” in my French dictionary — it means “to sand.” Makes sense, given the info posted on the sign in one of your pix.

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