Ooh la la! Best meal in Vermont….



We had to drive to Montpelier to get it, but this little unassuming place was worth the wait.




It was funky inside..




With fabulous lighting and quirky decorative touches.




Red leather, white marble and deep circular booths, smooth jazz playing in the background…




It had that laid back, 1950’s Rat Pack vibe.




I loved it at first sight.




The cocktail list was delivered on a leather bound iPad, and while it was full of maple goodness…. I opted for the fresh raspberry mule.




The menu was endless…




With a whole page devoted to salads. The husband ordered the Vermonter.




And then the French Onion Soup…




And finally the Vermont chicken with roasted brussel sprouts and cauliflower.





I’m a burger girl, and when I find a good one I will happily crow.




Oh yes….




I’m surprised you couldn’t hear me squeal from there.

Let’s deconstruct this tower of mouth watering goodness shall we?

Buttered and toasted Brioche bun, bacon blue cheese slaw, perfectly cooked rare ground sirloin glazed with a sweet and spicy sauce, topped with fried onion strings and a cherry tomato.



(We won’t mention the mountain of garlic parmesan truffle french fries I shamefully inhaled. Seriously don’t…. It wasn’t my finest hour.)

And if that gargantuan plate wasn’t enough, I had to try the highly recommended strawberry cake.

I had to…. really.




Yes, it was as divine as it looks….

And I swear if I lived anywhere near this restaurant, I would happily pitch a tent out back and scrounge their dumpster. It was that good!



Clearly, I would be better dressed…

But you get the idea.

31 thoughts on “Ooh la la! Best meal in Vermont….”

  1. I’d have eaten hubbys meal in a heartbeat or yours without the bun. I’m weird, burgers in buns start to choke me about four bites in. I think it’s just too much bread to swallow because I can still finish the rest if I de bun it!

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  2. When I want a burger, which is about six times a year, I go 20 minutes southeast to this place called “The Grille 2” where I order the black n blue with fries. It is my thing. Yes, mmhm well done!

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