Move to Venus, lose 25 lbs.

Admit it, doesn’t that sound more appealing than exercising and giving up cheese for the rest of your natural born days?


According to the scale at the Fairbanks Museum Planetarium….


You’ll lose 25lbs on Venus, 107lbs on Mars… and damn Sam!

149lbs on the moon.


Someone get me Elon’s number, I need to book a flight.


So yes, the planetarium show.


It was fabulous. Full of stunning arrays of the solar system and the night sky.

Shame you won’t get to see any of it…

Because once again, cameras were banned.

*Note to self – do not search Giphy for the word boo.

The results will not be what you are expecting.*

Moving on…


The second floor of the museum was devoted to cultural oddities from around the world.

And of course the building itself was weirdly wonderful.


The woods were glorious, and that’s a barrel vaulted ceiling. An engineering marvel of it’s day.

Glass display boxes circled the railings….


And were filled with marvelous pieces of weird history.

Because really, isn’t that the best kind?


Everything a girl could want was in those cases… jewelry.


Hair accessories….


Manicure extenders….

And shoes!

There were shoes!


Native American moccasins….


And Chinese Lily Feet slippers….


Which I have always had a morbid fascination for.


Heck, I complain about bunion pain….. can you imagine having your feet deformed like this on purpose?

I love me some shoes.

But even I don’t love them that much.

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