Dockside Grille


Don’t you love finding a great restaurant?




In a great spot….




With a great view…




And great natural light…


IMG_0853 (Edited)


With great lobster art…




And great planters….


IMG_0860 (Edited)


As well as great signs?





Not quite.




There were great drinks…




Great crab cakes…




Great mussels…

(So great I only got pictures of the shells.)


IMG_0843 (Edited)


More great drinks..




Great salads with rosemary garlic chicken…


IMG_0845 (Edited)


And great broiled haddock sandwiches….




But wait, there’s more.



There was great dessert…


IMG_0848 (Edited)


Really, really great Kahlua cake…..




Am I making myself clear here?




Okay, good.

I wasn’t sure I was getting that point across.




21 thoughts on “Dockside Grille”

  1. That white plate the mussels was in is quite similar to a plate I had some seafood bisque in just last night. My husband was even admiring the plates and commenting how pretty they are, and that’s something he never does.

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