Any Arizona WordPressers out there?


The husband and I have planned  ( and by that I mean me, all me, nothing but me, he doesn’t do squat ) a trip to Sedona, Arizona in January to celebrate our anniversary.

We’ll have been married 35 years by then, and I figured if the Petrified Forest isn’t an appropriate place to celebrate, nothing is.





(Yeah, that’s pretty much us. Except it’s more like a quarter than two thirds.)

Neither one of us have ever been out that way and aside from visiting all the “must see” spots like the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Cathedral Rock, the Painted Desert and the aforementioned Forest… I was wondering if any local Arizonians could tell us where to go.

(It’s not often I ask people to tell me where to go….. you should take full advantage.)



We don’t mind driving long distances and love to explore, though Sedona will be our base at night. We’re up for mild hiking and serious cocktailing. (Okay, that might just be me.)





(Damn, what happens if you’re both?)

So please, drop a comment and tell me where your favorite Arizona places are, what we shouldn’t miss and the best watering holes you know.





13 thoughts on “Any Arizona WordPressers out there?”

  1. Well, just happens I’ve been to sedona. Did a drive – South rim first. Then north rim and on up to Bryce canyon. I would seriously consider having more than one base. A long drive and a stay in the Bryce canyon lodge would be worth it (up early park in the fairyland entrance you don’t have to pay)
    It’s a fantastic drive – or stay in tropic, outside of Bryce, a great place there – also a risky back road to take.
    Helicopter ride or something? Bryce canyon – go to Bryan’s head. Dirt track leads to the top,unmisssable. Then trip down to Zion maybe, not far from Bryce but this may take you too far from Sedona. There’s just so much to see! Frank Lloyd Wright’s church, look down to the house opposite. Stuff like that

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    1. Well, we’re taking advantage of two of our timeshare resorts in Sedona, so Sedona it will be. I wanted to do the helicopter tour until they started falling out of the sky and aviation is the husband’s field so that’s out. Wright’s church is on my list though…

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  2. Me, me!! I am!
    Sedona is fantastic – get out and hike around there and take lots of pictures. The town itself if pretty touristy but I have not wandered around there in years. Husband is a private pilot and we end up flying into the airport up there sometimes for breakfast( fantastic restaurant and amazing views). I also enjoy the small mining town of Jerome. It is a fun town to poke around in, especially if you are into eclectic art. If you are venturing into Flagstaff, the Lowell Observatory is a must and the botanical gardens (although maybe not so much in January) is beautiful! I am partial to Phoenix, however. There are so many great restaurants and microbreweries (let me know if you need a list of our favorites!) The botanical garden is amazing (where Husband and I got married) and there are several mountains in the valley you can hike. Enjoy!

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    1. You’re talking to the woman who bought a new iPhone that took a solid week to upload her pics from the cloud. Lack of pictures is never an issue!
      Jerome was on my maybe list… now moved to must.
      We’ll do Flagstaff, check.
      We’re flying into Phoenix but not sure how much, if any, time we’ll actually spend there.
      Thanks for the tips!!

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