We had dinner in a treehouse…





No, not that kind.

This kind…




It was magical…




A hidden gem tucked away on the second floor of a nondescript building.




If a friend of mine hadn’t raved about it, I would have driven right by.




I started here with the Starbuck…




Which was pretty, pink and potent. Everything a girl wants in a drink.

I had 4. (They were small, don’t judge.)




The home baked rye bread was wonderful.




But my ravioli crisp appetizer? OMG… to die for! With sauteed shallots, garlic, toasted walnuts tossed with spinach, creme fraiche and lemon. Ooh La La!




The husband and my girlfriend had the mussels, sauteed with pancetta, plum tomatoes, garlic, basil, lemon and white wine. They didn’t last long.




The entree menu was small, but the husband chose the Marsala pear chicken…




While I had the special….sea scallops baked in a phylo bowl with some sort of heavenly citrus sauce. Light, flaky and utterly and fabulous.




Naturally we had dessert.




Lavender creme brulee for our friend, chocolate stout cake for me.

We rolled out of there with full bellies and empty wallets.

Smiling, and already anticipating our next visit.

Life is good.



18 thoughts on “We had dinner in a treehouse…”

  1. “The husband and my girlfriend” Well I guess (I think) that’s better than it being Fred’s girlfriend or is it!!!

    The food looks good but the desserts could really have been bigger but then they figured after you had very (small LOL) drinks you body had enough sugar!!

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