I don’t do this often…


Matter of fact, I do this never.

But some things have to be shared.

In my original WordPress wanderings, while I was actively searching for a tribe… (Btw,  that’s you bunch  sorry though you may be   of kindred souls.)  I stumbled on this –

Drinking With Chickens

A humorous blog featuring cocktails and chickens.

If there was ever a more perfect combination for me, I’m sure I don’t know what it is.





The author is clever, snarky and surrounded by alcohol and chickens.




What more could a girl want?




Her photos are a hoot!




Her home is lovely….




And filled with chickens.




They’re literally everywhere.




Her cocktail recipes are fabulous and artfully presented.




Hibiscus Pomegranate Margaritas?

Yes, please!

She wears chickens on her head.




Without spilling a drop.




She even holds boozy tea parties for faithful chicken loving readers.





Her chickens are social…




Well dressed…




And erudite.




She.  Has.  A.  Chicken.  Bar!




The woman is living my perfect life!

(And hopefully won’t mind me stealing her pictures.)

So if you need a chuckle and some fantastic drink ideas… check it out.

Tell the chickens I said hello.

21 thoughts on “I don’t do this often…”

  1. Looks so much fun!
    The only thing I would not envy is when it is time to clear out the chicken poop – I used to have to do that for one of my clients when they travelled abroad and I was left to look after their property. The smell is horrendous!

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      1. I found this DISCLAIMER on her site:

        DISCLAIMER: Do not let chickens on, near, or in your drinks or food. They are filthy animals and they will get you sick. Use common sense and sanitize surfaces and hands after coming into contact with poultry, other animals, and frankly, a lot of people.

        She’s got that right ~> people can also be quite germy! 😛

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  2. Sometimes I see someone’s blog and I’m like, why do I even bother–they’re the type of perfect I’ll never be. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

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    1. Agreed. It’s not even worth imaging what my house would look like with chickens running around it. *shudders*
      But it’s nice to peak through the windows of those that can occasionally!


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