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White Mountains trip Day 2…. Upper Jackson Falls


Yes… we’re still on the second day of our trip.

And yes, we’re still at the Falls.



Hey, just be glad I’m weeding through the 1704 photos and only giving you the highlights.




Working our way up the falls took some time.




But it really was lovely.




Nothing like hanging out with Mother Nature to lower your blood pressure.



The closer we got to the top, the more people just plunked themselves down on the rocks and made themselves comfortable…




And why not?

It’s a great place to read, unwind…and enjoy the day.



At the top you cross a wonderful iron bridge…




Look both ways…




And say thank you Jackson Falls…



I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you.




And your rocks.

(Or maybe that was just me.)

Done with the Falls, we headed into town for some sustenance.




And found the cutest pumpkin display ever…




Next to our destination.




It looked promising.




Warm and inviting.




A vintage inn and tavern whose bar was packed to the rafters that late Saturday afternoon.




I wanted to love it.




I mean come on, they had ski lift seating….




And a sign for the Woodchuck Trail. Who doesn’t love that?

But the service was terrible, the beer was warm and the food? When it finally came, over an hour after we ordered, was barely edible.

Sorry Martin, I didn’t even bother with pictures. Dry meatless ribs and a soggy Rachel sandwich do not warrant photographs.




But martian pumpkins and gourds?

Definitely do.

Slutty fish and Sumo wrestlers…..


We tried Kume last week.

A  Japanese restaurant with an interesting…. although slightly disturbing, statue out front.




A giant  (think full sized pick up truck)  red sumo wrestler.





Inside, the decor was modern and lit with neon colors.




As were the cocktails.

Blue Hawaiian Martini? I have no earthly idea what was in it… but highly recommend two. Or three.

There was a Hibachi Room, as well as a sushi bar.




And I had to laugh at the healthy purple rice announcement.

It’s coming…

We just don’t know when.




(Sorry, I had to.)

And yes, I’m that annoying person in your party who has to point out all the grammatical errors on the menu.




Slamon ?

Not once, but twice.

And I think tarta meant the tuna was raw, not slutty….

But I could be wrong.





Google’s Slutty Fish Halloween costume proves it.

Our appetizer plate of tempura treats was tasty.




Though I’m not sure how or why their shrimp looked like Italy.




Every meal came with miso soup and salad.




Not being a seaweed and bean curd fan, I passed on the soup…. with basically tasted like hot salt water anyway.

But can someone please explain to me why they’re serving salad at a Japanese restaurant? It was awful. Hard as a rock iceberg lettuce with a hulled out chunk of unripened tomato. Blech!

Nothing remotely Asian about that.

The chicken Yaki Soba entree was good, and plentiful enough for me to eat as lunch the next day.




The grilled seafood plate was also quite nice with lobster, scallops, shrimp and assorted veggies.




Too full for the fried tofu ice cream…



We exited.

And ran smack into this –




A pick up truck sized red Sumo wrestler’s  *ss.

Good times.


We braved the shopping hordes.


And went in search of some after Christmas bargains.

Even when not feeling quite up to par, my reaction is :



While the husband’s is more :




We found a few things, but come on!  20% – 30% sales?

(That’s not enough to get me out of my pajamas and make me comb my hair.)

But I did manage to pick up this little jewel for my desk –




Which…. for some reason, the husband did not find at all amusing.

We had lunch at a place I’ve been meaning to try for years.




But were disappointed to find the whole front section had been sold to another business and the restaurant was now relegated to a small space that used to be the bar.




Which would have been okay, had I been feeling well enough to drink.




Shocking, I know.

But it happens.




Thankfully, the food was good.

French Onion Soup…




And a marvelous baked stuffed haddock with scallops, shrimp and Newburg sauce, roasted fingerling potatoes and asparagus with lemon butter.

While signs at the bar teased me about alcohol…




I noticed some of the drinking patrons looked a little off.




And decided staying sober might be the wise choice after all…..













An Advent calendar I can get behind.

Brought to you by the New Hampshire State Liquor Outlet. (No tax!)




A little whiskey bottle for (almost) every day of the month. I should have bought it.

Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve… you know how it goes. But my cart was already pretty full.




Hey, you celebrate your way… I’ll celebrate mine. ( Black raspberry, orange and grapefruit. Don’t judge, I’m getting my vitamin C! )

The husband and I had to take a trip down to Massachusetts and never pass up the opportunity of cheaper, tax free booze.

On the way back we stopped for lunch.




An old restaurant where we used to eat had been lovingly redone.




And turned into The York River Landing.




It’s on the river, in York… hence the creative name.




I loved their little tabletop arrangements….




Which smelled wonderfully fresh and made me want to stuff the cute container in my purse.




The beer selection was huge, the cocktail list small.




But the Blue Kiss Martini was seconds worthy.




Salad and soups were fresh and tasty. Sorry, but I forgot to photograph the rest of the meal.

Blame the Blueberry Moonshine.

I will.





We had dinner in a treehouse…





No, not that kind.

This kind…




It was magical…




A hidden gem tucked away on the second floor of a nondescript building.




If a friend of mine hadn’t raved about it, I would have driven right by.




I started here with the Starbuck…




Which was pretty, pink and potent. Everything a girl wants in a drink.

I had 4. (They were small, don’t judge.)




The home baked rye bread was wonderful.




But my ravioli crisp appetizer? OMG… to die for! With sauteed shallots, garlic, toasted walnuts tossed with spinach, creme fraiche and lemon. Ooh La La!




The husband and my girlfriend had the mussels, sauteed with pancetta, plum tomatoes, garlic, basil, lemon and white wine. They didn’t last long.




The entree menu was small, but the husband chose the Marsala pear chicken…




While I had the special….sea scallops baked in a phylo bowl with some sort of heavenly citrus sauce. Light, flaky and utterly and fabulous.




Naturally we had dessert.




Lavender creme brulee for our friend, chocolate stout cake for me.

We rolled out of there with full bellies and empty wallets.

Smiling, and already anticipating our next visit.

Life is good.



Never trust a Corpse Reviver.


(Bet that got your attention.)

So it started out simply. Dinner with friends at a trendy, boho chic restaurant in a converted mill.

They’re famous for their infused liquors, so we ladies started out with these:




They were small.

And pink!




And with names like Garden of Eden and Frankly My Dear…

How bad could they be?

Bad enough that after 2 of them, our husbands were telling us to lower the decibel level.

After 3, they were waiving down the waiter and telling him to rush our food order.

The men had chosen curried mussel appetizers, which didn’t appeal to us in the least.




Mussels, blech!

Those slimy little nuggets that get halfway down your throat and say, ” I think I’ll just sit here a while and let her contemplate what she swallowed.”

No way. Not this chicka…

The guys were happily cracking them open and getting covered in green slop in the process.




It was disgusting.

It looked like pea soup, or vomit. (Same thing in my opinion.)

But then my girlfriend and I ordered Corpse Revivers.




They’re traditionally known as the hangover cure, so we figured we’d skip a step and get right to it.  Gin, Cointreau, Lillet Blanc, lemon juice and Absinthe.

I blame the Absinthe.

Have you ever had Absinthe? Whew!

In no time at all? Those mussels looked GOOD.

We were digging in with gusto.




Slop covered shells were flying, we were dragging the bowls away from our husbands. We had to order extra Naan to soak it up.

I believe we may have fought over the last piece.

It wasn’t pretty.

Never trust a Corpse Reviver.