And we’re off….


By the time you read this, the husband and I will be winging our way to Arizona for our long planned and much anticipated 35th wedding anniversary trip. (Yes, he snagged me young.)

It goes without saying there will be an outrageously long blog series of our adventures when I return. We’ll be there for 2 weeks and I plan on taking pictures of everything… so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

But for now?

A few photo scraps…

When you’re menopausal…  (if you are, I’m sorry. If you’re not there yet, hang on sister, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.) …people think it’s funny to give you Christmas gifts like this:




#1 – It’s not.

#2 – Please stop.

I was also given this –




I don’t know about you, but any scent that promises to instantly change my mood can bite me. I’m a relatively optimistic person already and don’t need essential oil to put me over the top.

Essential oil…  please!

Why is it essential? I’ve lived without it this long, I’m pretty sure I can continue to do so without consequences.

As for our anniversary, the trip is our gift to each other…. but I did manage to find the perfect card to give the husband on that very special day.








So, be well my friends….

I may drop in from time to time but doubt I’ll be posting.


22 thoughts on “And we’re off….”

  1. HAHA! I love the card!
    I like essential oils. IN REASONABLE DOSAGE. I have been unable to join the essential oil cult, as some of its members frighten me. I like essential oils in soap. Soaps should smell good. Optimism optional, I’m sure. Lavender is the cat’s meow for me. I do find it relaxing, but that may be because smelling something pleasurable invites me to take a deep breath, something I don’t do enough.
    If only common sense could see the surge in popularity that essential oils have!

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  2. Fantastic card!!!

    If your trip is even 1/2 as perfect ~> you’re going to be enjoying “instant optimism” for the next 2 weeks . . . no inessential oils required! 😀

    That said, aromas can provide an instant mood boost to me. But make mine chocolate, or grass, not lemongrass! 😆

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  3. But….but….but you have always been ‘off’! (Couldn’t help myself!!)

    Welcome to Arizona and their snow, ice and freezing temps–just like home–when you could have come to Fort Lauderdale where we have a high today of 81 degrees, sunny, clear skies and me!!!

    Have a great trip and anniversary but no hanky panky–you aren’t
    a teenage bride anymore!!

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  4. What kind of gift is someone supposed to get for their 35th anniversary? It’s not silver nor is it gold. Hmm…could it be essential oils? Sounds like y’all are going to have lots of fun, eat lots of good food, drink lots of good…well drink a lot…Happy 35th! Standing by for the upcoming pics! More pictures of butterflies, please!

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