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A random post about mushrooms and menopause.


Our neighbor across the street is an organic farmer who supplies some pretty swanky restaurants. So when he found a giant chicken mushroom like this one on a tree on his property?



He harvested it and sold it for $250. That’s a fungus worth knowing.



No, it’s not cool. It’s ridiculous. Please stop.




They live to tease Lord Dudley Mountcatten.



Just… no.

I don’t want a vacation that revolves around discussing hot flashes and bloating. That is not my idea of money well spent.


Have you ever said to hell with it and just eaten the cookie?


I’ve been known to pepper my speech with the occasional four letter word… but by far, the worst one to ever cross my lips was diet.



I was a normal sized child, a small teenager and a slim but curvy young adult. 110 lbs when I married my husband, and though I would positively kill for that figure today? Nature got in the way.

I gained a little weight at 35, but no problem. I hardly noticed it.

I gained a little weight at 40, and okay.. maybe I went up a size (or two).

But then I had a hysterectomy at 52 and gained a whole lotta weight. Being forced into menopause wrecked me and my body was no longer my own. No matter what type of diet or exercise I tried, the weight stayed on.

Next up was Covid lockdown with my husband teleworking and me cooking 24/7, so yeah. Another 10lbs.

And if that wasn’t bad enough? I blew my knee out last October. Damaged my MCL and ended up with a deep root radial meniscal tear… the worst kind. The kind that doesn’t heal. The kind that keeps you off the treadmill and plonks you on the couch. 10 more pounds and I’ve just about lost the will to live. Yoga pants are my friend and my clothes are silently mocking me from the closet.

I’m tired.

Tired of being overweight.

Tired of Covid ruining our travel retirement plans.

Tired of killer knee pain every single day.

Tired of the ugliness in the world.

Tired of the political and cultural divide in this country.

But most of all?

I’m tired of diets.



So to Hell with it. I’m happily married and don’t need to impress anyone. My health is good despite the ##lbs I’ve put on since I hit 50.

So ya know what…?



I’m going to eat the cookie.



Winter visitors.


Winter snow and cold has finally moved in to Maine and I for one am pleased.

It’s winter!

I want snow!



Our deer are only coming at night now and it’s hard to get pictures through the windows.



The least bit of movement on their part overwhelms my iPhone’s shutter and results in furry blurry blobs.



Along with the cold and snow has come the wind, which I could actually do without. Menopausal heating only goes so far, and while I’ll walk outside comfortably in 20 degree weather with only a light shirt… the wind cuts like a knife and even my interior furnace is working overtime.

Just ask this poor cardinal.





Day 4… deck project.


Four days in and we were finally ready to start adding the balustrades.



This involved a large amount of math, which as we have previously discussed… is not our strong suit.



Measuring was required. So much measuring. The fractions, the division…

Oh! The horror.

I carefully calculated the spacing of 8 rails for each section. I checked and rechecked to make sure it was accurate.



Which meant 7 of them fit perfectly.

Am I good or what?



Okay, so there were seven instead of 8.



It still looked good and things were flowing smoothly.



Until the screw heads starting popping off.



Once they were in the railing.

Which made me cringe…. and the husband grab his all purpose fix it tool.



Have hammer, will travel.

Thankfully no harm was done and we finished 3 out of the 4 sections before calling it a day.



One more section here..



Then we’ll move on to the other side.

Hopefully the heat wave will be over by then.

Hot flashing menopausal Maine women with broken toes do not fare well in temperatures over 90.


Things I learned while grocery shopping.


I ventured out of my lock down burrow yesterday and went grocery shopping for the first time in 21 days. It was quite a learning experience.

I learned Wal Mart has a bizarrely convoluted maze of barricades at the entrance so you can’t use the same door as those who are exiting. They have staff wiping down carts, cashiers wiping down check out lanes and six foot distancing markers on the floors. The one thing they didn’t have?

A single employee wearing a mask.  To which I say…. WTH?

At my second stop, a grocery chain called Shaws…. I learned there are 2 staff members with clickers and clipboards counting customers at the entrance so no more than 75 people can be in the store at the same time. They have arrows for one way aisles, distancing markers at the checkout and a ban on bringing reusable bags from home. The one thing they didn’t have?

A single employee wearing a mask. To which I say…. WTF?

I got hollered at for putting my groceries on the check out conveyor belt too soon, by a cashier who wouldn’t wear a mask. Smarten up people! Half measures are no measures. We need to get on top of this thing…. my local pub misses me!

Other things I learned?

I don’t look good in a mask.


IMG_3171 (2)


And there’s still no toilet paper.





There was plenty of deodorant, but no toothpaste…. because apparently clean minty breath is more important than body odor during pandemics.

You want flour?




Sorry, no can do.

Oh, there are full shelves here and there.


IMG_3173 (2)


But they’re filled with such things as Tumeric pasta and….





There was no shortage of those.

This item was fully stocked as well.




Clearly I’m not the only one who hates cilantro.

I also learned you can’t wear reading glasses while sporting an N95 mask. Nope. If you do…. those little suckers will fog up like the back of your teenage boyfriend’s Chevy van on prom night.

I came home with something I didn’t want or need simply because I couldn’t read the damn thing.

Yay me.

I also learned that if you’re menopausal and prone to hot flashes? You’re not going to enjoy going out in public for the foreseeable future.

The mask I wore is great, it filters out all the harmful particles… but breathing through it? Not so great.

I overheated to a temperature approaching the surface of the sun within 5 minutes…. then turned a bright feverish red and had to finish shopping quickly before I melted into a puddle in the dairy section.

Think I’m kidding?






IMG_E3180 (2)


Not kidding.

I’m not sick, just splotchy. Honest!


Calling all hot flashing menopausal women….


(And partners of these women, male or otherwise…. if they want to earn some brownie points.)

Are hot flashes making you feel like you live on the surface of the sun?



Forget black cohosh.




Forget soy.


I tried both, and they didn’t touch my heat.



But this?

This works.




A personal, portable tiny air conditioner.




Soak the filter in cold water, then put it in the freezer.



Fill the reservoir with cold water…




Position it on your desk, coffee table, bedside table… point the lever straight at your face –

And let her rip.




I found mine at Home Depot for $39.99 and I’m happy.




Not as happy as I would be stepping into a sub zero walk in freezer…

But who has room for one of those in the living room?


And we’re off….


By the time you read this, the husband and I will be winging our way to Arizona for our long planned and much anticipated 35th wedding anniversary trip. (Yes, he snagged me young.)

It goes without saying there will be an outrageously long blog series of our adventures when I return. We’ll be there for 2 weeks and I plan on taking pictures of everything… so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

But for now?

A few photo scraps…

When you’re menopausal…  (if you are, I’m sorry. If you’re not there yet, hang on sister, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.) …people think it’s funny to give you Christmas gifts like this:




#1 – It’s not.

#2 – Please stop.

I was also given this –




I don’t know about you, but any scent that promises to instantly change my mood can bite me. I’m a relatively optimistic person already and don’t need essential oil to put me over the top.

Essential oil…  please!

Why is it essential? I’ve lived without it this long, I’m pretty sure I can continue to do so without consequences.

As for our anniversary, the trip is our gift to each other…. but I did manage to find the perfect card to give the husband on that very special day.








So, be well my friends….

I may drop in from time to time but doubt I’ll be posting.