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Quilting. Keeping grandma off the streets for centuries.


Our town is celebrating its 250th anniversary this year and our little old ladies have been feverishly working on a quilt to commemorate the occasion.



Everyone is choosing a local landmark and some of them are quite nice.



I can barely sew a button and have been known to super glue dress hems, so I fully appreciate the work that goes into these squares.



Even if some of the landmarks look a trifle… crooked.



How cute is that!



Our general store was opened in 1904 and though it’s changed owners multiple times, and almost gone under twice…. our town rallies behind it and keeps the doors open. Small business and small towns. You can’t beat them!


25th is silver, so 37th must be …. platypus?


The husband and I recently celebrated 37 blissful (read – we haven’t killed each other yet) years of marriage.



And because he’s a sweetie, a bouquet of flowers was delivered.



And to my most divine pleasure, it contained colors other than green.



Required cheesy old photograph of the happy couple.



And yes, along with the lovely flowers was a platypus.



Because after 37 years? He gets me.



Celebrating 36 years of not killing each other…..




Yes, there’s that as well.

This was the very first picture of us ever taken ….




Back in 1984, on that awful chair at his mother’s house…… right before we got married. I may look twelve, but no worries. I’d just turned 20. (As for the husband’s hair… I have no idea what was going on there.)

We knew each other for 6 days.

Yes, you read that correctly…. 6 days. And to be honest, 3 of those were the required waiting period for the marriage license.

People thought we were crazy.  (We knew we weren’t.)


Me & Fred, boat


People said it would never last.  (It’s been 36 years.)


Me & Fred, ballfield


The Grateful Dead had it right…..

What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been!


Me & Fred, Harley Rally 2


But I wouldn’t trade a minute of it.

Anyway…. this year on our anniversary?




A seriously beautiful bouquet from my other half….




That got better every day as all the blooms opened up.




The rose colors were gorgeous.

Then it was off to our favorite restaurant in Boothbay Harbor…. before their doors were shut due to the virus.  The decor is nothing to write home about, and the menu is smaller in winter….. but the food is still fabulous.




As were the seasonal cocktails.

I started with a Ciderberry.




And moved on to a few Sugar Plums made with this.


If you’ve never payed attention to any of my advice before?

Start now… and buy a bottle.




It doesn’t matter if you’re not a fig fan. I actually hate the things.

But this was like nothing I’d ever tasted before. A very unique flavor. I read they also make a Golden Apricot ….. and I’ll be looking for that as well.




Can’t remember what they called my appetizer but it was delicious, with just the right amount of spice.

Husband went with his usual French Onion soup and a light main dish of broiled haddock and asparagus.




I, on the other hand….




Dove into the richest, creamiest most delightful Parmesan risotto you’ll find this side of Italy. It’s one of their specialties and I can never resist…. paired here with pan seared scallops, mushrooms, arugula and a citrus balsamic glaze.

I don’t care how many pounds I gained…

It was worth it!





A Blogiversary.


Happy 1rst blogiversary to me!



A little more enthusiasm would be nice but yes, it’s been one year to the day since I joined WordPress.

And while I certainly wasn’t a blog virgin….



It did take a little time for me to adjust to my new home.

WordPress is a larger and more diverse platform than my previous sites, and though it’s also filled with more businesses and spam than I was used to…. I admit I’m enjoying it more as well.




Blogging means different things to different people and my posts have certainly changed over the years. They used to be filled with personal details, family strife, and raw emotion …. but I was burned by that.



And switched to a light hearted, irreverent look at the world instead.





That book really exists…

“Go behind the exam room door to experience the secret lives of doctors and patients. Enjoy Pap parties. Meet the Chlamydia Clown. Win a free kitten with your physical! In this laugh-till-you-cry health care handbook, you’ll learn how fun it is to be a doctor–and a patient.”
I haven’t read it…
But feel I should, and report back.


Finding a tribe of like minded odd balls has helped me settle in here.



So to all of you slightly disturbed souls I call friends…

The loons who regularly tune in for my mindless drivel?




I shall endeavor to provide more of the same high quality nonsense…

And continue to answer some of life’s most difficult questions.




Mount Mingus, and beyond….


So we left Jerome and the Asylum.




And made our way out of town….




Passing what looked to be an interesting burger joint.




Before we knew it, we were climbing again.




I swear I never had any idea Arizona was this mountainous.




This one was called Mingus.




Which lead us into more snow, and the Prescott National Forest.




It was rugged country.




And clearly, they must have rugged cows.




Up and over we went.

(Pay attention to that sign.)




And down the other side to the dry grasslands of Prescott Valley.



A half an hour later?




We were back at our resort…




And I felt like death warmed over.




It was 3:30 in the afternoon and I went to bed.




Where I stayed for the next 3 days.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday? This was my view…




I didn’t eat, sleep, shower or get dressed….

I was dizzy, nauseated, weak as a kitten and had the worst migraine headache imaginable. Turning over in bed took more energy than I could manage.

The fourth day…. our 35th wedding anniversary for which I had big plans?

We spent here –




Where I was diagnosed with severe altitude sickness and dehydration.




Isn’t that romantic?

I was flat on my back…. but not the way I intended!

The doctor told me I experienced too much elevation too soon and drank too much alcohol.



I was given anti nausea meds and told to pound the Gatorade. Constantly, day and night.

I was also told no caffeine and….




Positively no booze.

Yes… my nightmare come true. I couldn’t drink!

It was unfathomable, but fact. Alcohol and caffeine are dehydrating and were off limits until I acclimated and felt better.



This was not the vacation I’d planned.




And this was not the liquid elixir I had in mind.




And we’re off….


By the time you read this, the husband and I will be winging our way to Arizona for our long planned and much anticipated 35th wedding anniversary trip. (Yes, he snagged me young.)

It goes without saying there will be an outrageously long blog series of our adventures when I return. We’ll be there for 2 weeks and I plan on taking pictures of everything… so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

But for now?

A few photo scraps…

When you’re menopausal…  (if you are, I’m sorry. If you’re not there yet, hang on sister, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.) …people think it’s funny to give you Christmas gifts like this:




#1 – It’s not.

#2 – Please stop.

I was also given this –




I don’t know about you, but any scent that promises to instantly change my mood can bite me. I’m a relatively optimistic person already and don’t need essential oil to put me over the top.

Essential oil…  please!

Why is it essential? I’ve lived without it this long, I’m pretty sure I can continue to do so without consequences.

As for our anniversary, the trip is our gift to each other…. but I did manage to find the perfect card to give the husband on that very special day.








So, be well my friends….

I may drop in from time to time but doubt I’ll be posting.