Uptown Sedona, where I meet a prickly footed lizard.

After checking in to our new resort, we decided to enjoy the beautiful day and take a walk around uptown Sedona… an area filled with shops, restaurants, street performers and the occasional lizard. Who knew?


It’s a lovely spot with a stunning red rock backdrop.


I have no idea what these were… and was almost afraid to ask.


But there was a large horse…


With a really large gun and a Christmas wreath.


This fellow drew a crowd by twirling a length of PVC pipe.


I spotted my first roadrunners…


Sadly, they were metal and wearing bandanas.


This t shirt seemed appropriate considering our current political climate.


I wanted to buy this one. It reminded me of my misspent youth, but the husband was not amused.

And then, as we were walking by a large group of people….


Someone handed me a gecko.

Why? I’m not quite sure…


But he was lovely, with prickly little feet.

And I kind of hated to give him back.


Moving on, the husband tried his hand at whatever this was. The results were not audio worthy, trust me.


We found an extremely jarring bright green patch of astroturf in front of  a pizza parlor and could only ask… why?


And then some hot pink Javelinas with White Walker eyes. (Game of Thrones reference. Winter is Coming!)


They were displayed in front of the Pink Adventure Center whose bright pink Jeeps you can’t escape in Sedona. They’re everywhere and specialize in off road tours of the red rocks. I seriously wanted to take one, but the husband was not in the least bit interested.

Boo husband.

On the way to lunch. we passed this woman who clearly had been shopping too long….


It took a while to choose, but when I saw the chicken (Goose? Dinosaur?) tracks…


I knew I’d found a suitable place.


We sat outside.


With a killer view.


I got a little teary eyed at not being able to order the Prickly Pear Margarita.

Because yes … I was still observing the doctor’s alcohol ban, dammit.


The husband ordered the massive Southwest Chicken salad..


While I had a lovely patty melt and sweet potato fries.


After eating, we bid farewell to the Buffalo…


And I choked back a sob as we passed the bar…

(Okay, I may have openly wept. I’m not proud of it.)

And we headed back to the resort.


Passing more decoratively painted Javelinas.

Who knew they were so stylish?

39 thoughts on “Uptown Sedona, where I meet a prickly footed lizard.”

  1. I’ve had some rather stranger encounters while out and about in my life… like the time I was approached by a strange man about buying some stray feminine hygeine products he was carrying around. But nobody has ever handed me a gecko. That would actually be pretty cool, even if it was probably just a subtle pitch for car insurance…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, geckos beat stray feminine hygiene products any old day. I’m not even going to ask why a man was walking around with them… no less selling them.
      And as far as I could tell, no one was hawking anything here. They just wanted to share the lizard love….


      1. The family seat is in Ardossan, North Ayrshire coast. Business took my grandfather to England and eventually to America where he married my grandmother. They returned to England to raise a family… he travelled back to the states frequently, then became ill here. She brought the kids over in 1920 to be with him. He died a year later and she stayed.
        Scotland and England are on my bucket list… might even scare up a few long lost relatives.


      2. you should go and ask for black bush..(the premium one) an irish whiskey. Smooth as. very different from the scottish. Actually you’re more likely to see more Japanese than kilts if you hit tourist season.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. “On the way to lunch. we passed this woman who clearly had been shopping too long….” The funniest picture you have ever taken!!!
    I like your lunch better than your traveling companion’s! (Sorry, if he is going to order a salad for lunch that is what he is designated!)

    Liked by 1 person

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