Splatter dabs, rat urine and my worst nightmare.


I learned a lot on our final walk around the Sedona Heritage Museum.




(I’d ask you to name this rusty piece of crap, but they beat me to it.)

I learned about tent houses.




All the comforts of home.





And if I needed any more proof that I wouldn’t have made a good settler’s wife?

That’s it right there.




I also learned about big pancakes.




Really big pancakes.




Which got me thinking…




Makes perfect sense to me.

Entering the fruit packing shed that was used when the property was a working orchard..




The husband fell in love with this old machine.




Which I admit was kind of cool.




But I also liked the funky steam punk apple peeler.




Although that first bite has got to be hard on the teeth.




The shed had a lovely old carriage.

And a short film on the history of Sedona.



There was also some fascinating info on rat urine.

Yes, rat urine.

A woefully under explored topic in most museums…




I often call my husband a pack rat, because he comes home with all sorts of trash treasure as well.




But damn.  20,000 years?

That’s some powerful pee.




And now, our final discovery.

My worst nightmare.




There was a small section on prohibition…

And yes, I may have wept.





The horror!

23 thoughts on “Splatter dabs, rat urine and my worst nightmare.”

  1. My cat has been dead for fifteen years and we’re STILL trying to get rid of its urine smell. Friends tried to allay my fears by telling me that when the sun becomes a red giant and engulfs the Earth, that should take care of the smell…

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  2. “When I moved to Memphis in 1969–were you even born yet???–it was a ‘dry’ county and I was drinking–within a few months it became ‘wet’!! You didn’t fool around with this Yankee back in those days!

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  3. I would also take a pass at pioneering.
    My husband is a pack rat, too. I like to think he’s getting better, but it may just be we live in a much smaller home now. Either way, I’m winning. I have never before thanked him for not pissing all over it in an effort of preservation, but when I finish this comment, I believe I shall.
    Love the apple art, and the coach with red wheels!

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