John Wayne and $40 text messages.




This cute little building was next up on our tour of the Sedona Heritage Museum.




Admittedly it didn’t look like much upon entry.

But then the husband saw this…




And I can’t swear to it, but I think he might have orgasmed right then and there.




Because as much as I love history, including that of the old west… I despise the old Hollywood westerns. The inaccuracies, the one dimensional characters, the predictable plots? You can have them.




Yes, I know… it’s unAmerican. So sue me. But the soundtrack to my 35 year marriage has been Rio Bravo, Eldorado, and The Sons of Katie Elder.  If  I never see another John Wayne movie?  I will die a happy woman.




But for the husband to be standing in the actual telegraph office building that was used to shoot The Angel and the Badman?

To walk where Wayne walked?



Yeah, that looks about right.




The studios made a lot of movies in Sedona back in the day, and while the husband was happily reading about the fake west….




I found an early Xerox machine from the real one.

Dare ya to print a copy of your butt on that!




And being a telegraph office, naturally there was telegraph machine.




But holy crap!

I never realized it was so expensive to send a message back then. $40 for a 10 word text? I’d be on the streets in no time flat.

And speaking of the old days…




Yes sir.

You really had to want it.

28 thoughts on “John Wayne and $40 text messages.”

  1. I absolutely LOVE how all the pictures you take of you husband are from behind, like he’s “trying” to stay anonymous, lol. Well except for him standing at the cardboard cutout of John Wayne, and I agree with you. Old Hollywood westerns are so boooorrriinnnggg, sacrilege? Maybe but only if you are into westerns and clearly I’m not.

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    1. My husband does not share my love of documenting every move we make. Strange, but there it is. Most of the time he’s trying to ignore me and my shutterbug tendencies.
      As for westerns… ugh. And damn, they made soooo many back in the day he’ll never run out.

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      1. I agree with you about John Wayne, except for one other movie of his I liked: NORTH TO ALASKA (1960), which was a spoof of a western and more of a ‘northwestern’ than a western. Good fun.

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      2. I haven’t seen NORTH TO ALASKA in a long time, but I think it started out with gold prospector John Wayne going ‘north to Alaska’ ahead of the fiancé (Wayne’s prospecting partner, Stewart Granger). Naturally, complications arise.

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  2. Okay, that’s it!! I’ve always taken Fred’s side but he likes John Wayne? He has orgasms over John Wayne?? Time to get rid of Fred and get a boy toy or move here and live on Margaritas!!!

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  3. I’m with you on John Wayne, Not muh thing. And I’d do fine during the days of the telegraph – everyone knows the only person whose texts I respond to is my wife’s–and I only respond to those so she doesn’t smother me in my sleep. LMAO

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  4. I’m with you on the old cowboy movies but I’m very pleased for your husbands ‘happy moment’. Also, you genuinely wrote something interesting…$40.00 for a message! It would certainly stop me from drunk texting if they cost that much!

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