I’m related to a snowball.


This probably doesn’t surprise most of you..




But perhaps I should explain.

A few years ago my girlfriend infected me with the genealogy bug, and let me tell you…. once you catch it? There is no cure.

Before I knew it I was wandering dusty old libraries and searching moth eaten town halls.




Yes, I’ve even stalked a few cemetery custodians.

They’re a font of valuable information.




It’s fair to say I was obsessed for a while and spent hours, days, weeks, months way too much time climbing the old family tree.

Some lines are frustrating and dead end right away.

Other lines like my paternal grandmother’s, I traced back to the year 1134. It helps when you have someone famous… most of the work has been done for you.

One of my semi famous relatives?


Jabez B. Snowball


The Hon. Jabez B. Snowball.

Yes, dear old 2nd great Uncle Jabez.

Wikipedia page

Lumber baron and Lt. Governor of New Brunswick, Canada.

I actually found this among my father’s papers…


Jabez Bunting Snowball0001


Although I have no earthly idea who wrote it.

Genealogy is fun.

And fascinating.

And rewarding.

As well as incredibly frustrating.




It’s also surprising.

Like when I started on my mother’s side of Austrian relatives…

And found Franz.




Damn. That’s disturbing…

Good thing he was only the father in law of my 1rst cousin twice removed.


Ya never know who will fall out when you shake the family tree.









40 thoughts on “I’m related to a snowball.”

  1. I have a few famous people in my family tree, but have yet to find anyone who cares that I do. Not even sure that I do! But doing the research does give you something to do with your time, so there’s that.

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    1. There’s a show on PBS called Finding Your Roots. They search famous people’s trees and sometimes find famous relatives. Last week Bernie Sanders discovered he was related to Larry David.. who plays him on SNL. Now that’s funny!

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    1. Nice!
      Isn’t it strange how thrilled we are to find someone interesting? It’s not our life will change because of it… but knowing who came before never ceases to please me.
      Except for Franz. Him, I could do without!

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  2. Franz, that is interesting, lol. I can’t believe that there is a surname Snowball, now that is definitely interesting for sure! I’ve been researching my paternal side of the family and I’ve found that we (some of us) originated in Scotland! I mean, what the literal hell?! All I know is that my dad’s side is this wild bunch of peeps who traveled extensively and they wound up in Mexico, and they settled there and *BOOM* that’s where it ended. I do know however that I am distantly related to an actress named Elena Anaya, she plays the evil scientist Dr. Poison in the Wonder Woman film and one of Dracula’s brides in Van Helsing, the one in pink actually. Your right, shake your family tree and things and people you never realized existed just fall out, lol.

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  3. You would think this would be something I would be fascinated with (And not just because squirrels love their trees and nuts), but I genuinely have no interest in who begat who which eventually spit out me. Where did my family come from? Uh, here.

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  4. One of the most fascinating things about doing Ancenstry.com is that I’ve discovered none of the “lore” or stories my family told me about our ancestors seems to be true.

    In other words, my whole life is a lie.

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    1. I’ve busted quite a few family legends as well. The Henry VIII set of mourning china that was passed down from generation to generation? Made a few hundred years after he died. Hey… they could still have been mourning, but somehow I doubt it.


  5. My father and his father researched the family tree back to the 1600’s, including combing graveyards for names, dates, etc. And my dad did my mom’s side back quite aways as well. And also the trees of BFF, my brother in law, my sisters in law, etc.

    It’s a never-ending quest . . .

    One notable ancestor ~ Susannah North Martin, one of 19 alleged witches hung in 1692 in Salem Mass. If you type her name into my blog, you’ll learn more . . . once you’ve got your tree done and dusted, of course!

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