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No, not that kind.



This kind:



Ring the Bull is a traditional hook and ring game played in sports bars, ski lodges and quaint watering holes all over the world.

And it has a very long history in British pub culture.

In fact, legend has it that English Crusaders brought the game back from Jerusalem in the 12th century.

If you happen to play Ring the Bull at Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, the oldest inn in England (1189 AD), you just might be experiencing the true origins of this game.



Ringing the Bull (also known as Ring Toss or Hook and Ring) is a simple game in concept, but it definitely takes some skill and requires careful concentration. The hallmark of any great bar game



In most set ups, the metal ring is attached to a rope, hanging from a ceiling by a rafter or other means. The object of the game is then to swing the ring and try to land it on the hook.



This game looks simple but can be challenging.

And after a few toddies? It’s damn near impossible… at least for me.

Of course after a set number of toddies walking and talking is as well, so what do I know?



The more things change…


While the husband was busy Swiss cheesing his barn walls, I rummaged through the house looking for something my mother had given me many moons ago.



It’s an odd little self published booklet from 1938 that was left to her by an old extremely wealthy boyfriend.



To say it’s a scathing rebuke of Franklin Delano Roosevelt is an understatement.



It positively skewers him and his policies.



It was put together but a bunch of old money fat cats…



And could be the Facebook or Twitter of it’s day.



The more things change…



The more they remain the same.



Let’s play.


Because it beats actually doing something productive and I’m all about that.




The last show I watched was Secrets of the Dead… which doesn’t bode well for future scintillating conversations.



Living in the lost city of Baiae is going to be challenging. Located on the northwest shore of the Gulf of Naples, it was basically the sin filled Las Vegas of Ancient Rome.



I’m sure it was quite something in its day.



Home to Nero and all his various perversions, sadly most of the ruins are now underwater.



Fabulous statuary….






And mosaics…



All lost to the sea.



Guess my love of history finally caught up with me. It’s said Julius Caesar visited Baiae… so maybe I can break bread with his ghost. That’s got to be worth a blog or two.

Let’s play!

Your life is now in the last tv show you watched.



And if there are any other history geeks out there? A little more info on my new digs.



The rodent revolution has begun.


It was bound to happen. You can’t evict multiple families of vermin over the course of a summer and not expect retribution.

The other day? I spotted this:




Do you see it?




It didn’t look impressive, just a weed growing in the gutter. But when I asked the husband to grab a ladder and remove it?



We realized it was more like a potted plant.



With a large amount of potting soil.



Half of the down spout was packed with dirt and had to be removed.



Shaken heartily.



And unclogged with a screwdriver.



Piles of lovely dark potting soil were packed in there for what I can only surmise were nefarious purposes.

It was momma red squirrel, I know it.



That bitch has been plotting her revenge ever since I chased her children out of the eaves. And if you think a rodent revolution is ridiculous?



History disagrees.


I don’t know much about guns…


But this seemed like a weirdo even to me.



The husband is always picking up old magazines and articles about days gone by… probably in a vain attempt to identify the piles of crap he collects.

I don’t usually read them but hey, there’s a global pandemic and I tend to twitch if I run out of books.



Like I said, I don’t know much about guns..



But this does seem a trifle excessive.

Getting my geek on.


While I’m not a huge television person, I do tend to leave the husband to his own devices at night ( and by this I mean John Wayne and MSNBC, not self gratification )  and curl up in bed with a remote of my own on occasion.

More often than not? I’ll be watching some dry as toast documentary that no one else finds the least bit appealing.

Case in point?




Yeah…. I loved it.

And if you’re wondering why the husband and I have to watch separate tv’s?

I once made him watch a 4 part series about Kublai and Genghis Khan called  “Mongol Horde… Storm From The East”.  He fell asleep 10 minutes into every episode and still never forgave me.

On my current DVR list?



Forbidden History is my jam.

Juicy secrets from the past….. what’s not to love?




I just discovered Unearthed.

And have been walking through the Valley of the Kings, marveling over ancient Thebes and reading hieroglyphs from the Temple of Karnak …. in my pajamas.

You can’t beat that with a stick.




I also record PBS’s Nature.




And now want a pet Pangolin.




I mean really…




How could I not?


When ya gotta go…..


Due to the nationwide shortage of toilet paper, I feel it’s necessary to share a little history.

As well as a helpful alternative in these troubling times.

You know the old saying, “When in Rome?”





The Ancient Romans were never bothered by a lack of tripe ply Charmin.

No, sir.

Not when they had their handy tersoriums.




I’ll pause for a moment to let you conjure a mental image of using one the next time you pay a visit.

Got it?

Alright then…. moving on.





Death by lion…. or swallowing a tersorium?

Sorry, but I’m going with the lion every time.

And in case you’re interested?

You should be thanking this man that you’re not outside searching for a stick right now.




Joseph C. Gayetty.

The inventor of modern toilet paper.




Corn cobs?

No thank you.

But if the Covid shortage continues, we’re all going to wish the Sears catalog was still being printed.




And now that I think about it….

Maybe I need to check the husband’s barn for this stuff. If anyone has some, it will be my other half.




Far be it for me to woo my own destruction.

I think I have to go there!


(Please try to refrain from telling me where to go, although I know it’s tempting.)




Fair enough.

But since we’ve previously established my fondness for rocks…. it shouldn’t come as any surprise that I had a sudden itch to visit Spain when I saw this:




A town that’s literally built into a rock?


Oh, yes….

Hell yes!




I’m in.




How about fan-fucking-tastic!




Check it…




These people love rocks more than I do!




Is this wonderfully bizarre… or what?




I totally want to go.




Free air conditioning!




Sign me up.




The Lord of Misrule and some happy Christians.


Toward the end of our tour of the Jamestown re-creation settlement, we were startled by a loud noise.



It was the Lord of Misrule and his motley crew.




Jamestown Re-creation…. the settlement, some rusty tools and a cocktail tease.




The first settlement in America looked something like this.




And I have to admit the buildings were larger than I thought they’d be.




This was the church.




And I swear it’s bigger than the one in my town today.




I loved the thatched roofs on the cottages.




And we enjoyed poking around inside them.




Some of them were simple.




Some a little more grand.




Check out the armor on top of the cupboard.




Nothing like some weaponry over the dining room table to get the gastric juices flowing.




Speaking of that…. there was an armory.




And it doesn’t matter how many times I see these, I still can’t imagine having to wear them into battle. I mean damn, they make my underwire bra look positively comfortable in comparison.




Needless to say the husband was loving all the old tools and farm implements.




Yes dear….




Rusty metal…. I see it.



The last building we checked out was a communal kitchen.




And you know what I found… right?




Wandering at will….




Hoping something would fall off the table.




There were also fake cocktails, which is a rude tease to those of us who happened to be thirsty.

Hell, if these fell off the table they’d bounce.

And that’s not my type of cocktail at all.





Now we’re talkin’….