When the universe tries to tell you something….


Have you ever had one of those days when all the signs were pointing somewhere?




Hopefully it’s not there.

I had one of those days last week.

It started when I checked the weather forecast.




Fair enough.

We were out of beer.




And on my way to the grocery store?




Okay, I get it.

Corporate America wants in on everything lately.




But then..

The car that pulled in next to me at the store?




And while not all signs are clear…





I’m guessing the universe did not wish me to remain sober that day.

And one should never argue with the universe.





Or my husband, who brought home an interesting wine that night.

What’s a girl to do?






24 thoughts on “When the universe tries to tell you something….”

  1. Interesting wine name, and interesting blend. Where is it made? Although I have my preferred New York State favorites, I’m willing to try anything once. Hubby has a red wine he likes, called Kick My Ass, but it’s too sweet for me.

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      1. hm, I don’t think I’ve ever had wine from the Dakotas. I do like wine from a little further west like Oregon and Washington State, and I don’t like California wine (yeah, I know, that makes me weird).

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