I broke the unbreakable. And snow.


I can break anything.

Really. It’s one of my lesser known talents.

You know those cheap Corelle bowls?

The ones you can’t kill?








I didn’t even have to put it on the stovetop or broiler.

Yay me.

In other news, it snowed.


To which people in Maine replied….




A simple reminder that we’ve had enough frigid blasts of white stuff followed by 52 degree days and melting.

Of course, the melting does allow us to participate in the annual derby.




The pothole fishing derby.

Loads of fun for the entire family….

But not your car.





39 thoughts on “I broke the unbreakable. And snow.”

  1. Your fault! Your choice! You could always come down to Fort Lauderdale where we are having sun, mild temperatures, no snow (HURRAH!), no potholes (liar, liar, my pants are on fire) and, did I mention, no snow?

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  2. I am also done with the snow for the year. Congratulations on breaking the unbreakable bowl, too. To be fair to the company, it’s still not chipped. I like how part of it looks like a moon, too.

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  3. I had that Corelle stuff too. When my plate broke? SHATTERED into a thousand pieces. I picked them up one by one in my toes and heels. No matter how much you vacuum….they continue to creep out from hiding places you never knew you had.

    I finally moved house.

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