Is this a thing?


Every once in a while I go shopping, see something…

And say whaaaaat?

Like this strange product I spotted at T.J.Maxx.




Ear candles.

Do they set the mood for the intimate dinner parties I hold inside my head?

Or is it a new way to light someone’s cigarette?





Naturally relaxing?

Which part?

When the hot wax drips onto my face and burns away my eyebrows…

Or when the flame catches my hairspray on fire and I spontaneously combust?

I posted this ridiculous product on my FB page and immediately had 2 friends commented that they’d tried it.

(Note to self – re-examine criteria for picking friends)

One said she had it done at a spa. (Pay money for someone to light a candle and stick it in my ear? Not happening.)

The other said it has health benefits and it removed his ear wax. ( I researched this and there is no medical evidence to support the claim)

(It should also be noted this guy smokes a little weed)

(Okay, a lot of weed.)

This is how it supposedly works.




“… patient might hear sizzling noise” ?


That’s either the sound of your brain frying….. or P.T. Barnum’s ghost dancing a jig in your ear canal.

I’m all for alternate remedies that don’t line the pocket of big pharma, but sorry.

The only way a flame is getting that near my face is if someone lights my Sambuca.










37 thoughts on “Is this a thing?”

  1. I can’t tell you how many times while working in the ER that I had to explain to people that this product not only doesn’t work but can cause burns to the ear canal and face–it’s just dangerous with no health benefits that make up for the risks. People. Are. Dumb. LOL

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  2. I feel like I’ve ‘seen it all, sometimes,’ but then I read posts like yours and shake my head. REALLY? I have never heard of this product, and I just hate the thought that consumers – regular human beings – fall for this spam. EAR CANDLE? I suppose it shows how desperate some people are to find something – anything – to reduce the stress in their lives. ;-0 xo

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  3. Oh gawd, this made me have childhood flashbacks! I’m not kidding when I say when I was a child my mother would roll up a newspaper and stick in your ear when one of us, any one would complain of an earache. She’d stick the rolled up newspaper into our ear and light it at the other end and would wait for a small puff of air. For what? I have no clue but this is a Hispanic remedy (which of course doesn’t work) that was used when I was a kid.

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  4. My husband greatly benefited from regular ear-candling, which was done at a spa on post. I get that it seems weird, but it worked for him. The other option is having the ENT flush them and it’s not as pleasant and relaxing. There was noticeable improvement in his hearing and his comfort after each session of either.
    Anyway, now that he doesn’t roam deserts with a rifle and a gunner, he doesn’t struggle with wax impaction or hearing loss the way he used to.

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