Clearly, I’m doing it wrong.


I have an iPhone.




( If you don’t watch Game of Thrones? Never mind)

And with the iPhone comes Apple news, which I check from time to time for breaking stories.

And may I just say…. what’s passing for news these days is beyond ridiculous.





Roll over Edward R. Murrow,  it’s a Kardashian filled world now.

And they want everyone to see their butts.






This picture was in my news feed.

Why? I have no idea.

But it made me realize…


I’ve been doing Sundays wrong for years.



30 thoughts on “Clearly, I’m doing it wrong.”

  1. Ugh, it’s ok if we go one day in Fuckkoffistan without one damned Kardashian being in the news. I’m okay without knowing what they do, say or take a picture a picture of. I want to know how they got famous for doing absolutely nothing, I want in. 😎

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  2. Whilst I can admire that well proportioned bottom there is something so soulless about these pics where I can’t see the eyes or any hint of a personality that they are a complete turn off. Might as well look at a sculpture in a gallery. Mind you – when I do see Kardashian faces they always look so dead-eyed and miserable anyway so no great loss.

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