Epic advertising fail.


As I was strolling the local hardware store the other day,  I came across an item that was begging to be blogged about.

(Yes, I really heard it begging… so now I have to share.)





Let that sink in a moment.

And then visualize some over paid ad exec on Madison Avenue yelling, “Eureka! That new product? Let’s name it after snot!”




I wasn’t sure where… or why they came up with that name, until I said it out loud a few times and realized it’s a contraction for “it’s not tape”.

Which, of course it is.

It’s tape.

So wth?

And because I’m a dedicated blogger, I did some research… which lead me to the heretofore unknown Professional Painting Contractors Forum. (Oh, the things I do for my readers)

While I agreed with this commenter’s review…


“Wouldn’t touch it simply based on the name. What a horrible advertising strategy.”


It was the next two responses that made me want to hire these contractors no matter what they charge.


I think, “Taint Tape”, would’ve been a catchier name, but whatever





snot worth it.


Bravo Professional Painting Contractors Forum.

I agree.

But Snittens?




Now there’s a product worth having.




You’re welcome.




25 thoughts on “Epic advertising fail.”

  1. How simple life is now that I know that everything that ‘snottape ‘snottape. For example, when I run out of ‘snottape, I can just jump in my ‘snottape, drive to the nearest ‘snottape, buy some ‘snottape, and charge it on my ‘snottape. Upon returning to my humble ‘snottape, if my better ‘snottape asks why I bought ‘snottape, I will simply say I wasn’t out of tape, I was out of ‘snottape.

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  2. Lawd. Snittens have got to be the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. I wonder who they’re for or if people we can’t imagine have a true, practical need for them? I am wowed.
    My mother says, “S’not” a lot and even I don’t think she’d name a product that.

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