Party food.


Are you one of those perfect people who makes flowers out of radishes?




Or clever and whimsical fruit displays?




If so…. kudos to your food creativity.

If you can also make watermelon sculptures like this?




I hate you.

And please stop…. you’re making the rest of us look bad.

Whenever I try to get to artistic with food?

It ends up like this:




So I had to laugh at a friend of mine who had a Game of Thrones season premiere party at her house last weekend.




There are only two things recognizable as GOT.

The wall… with some added severed heads on top for effect.

And the sausage.

GOT watchers will understand andcringe…

For the rest of you?

Here’s a hint.





24 thoughts on “Party food.”

  1. I get it. GOT posts to torture those of us who do not watch……

    Remind me why we are friends again………….?

    LOL…actually, I have done the fruit things. And made little Christmas trees from Rice Krispie bars and mini M&M’s….and…..ok. I won’t make you look bad.


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      1. They were good!! Wonder if I still have the photo….? The theme for that Christmas party was ‘ mini’ so the trees are like 3″ tall so I had to use mini M&M’s. They turned out cute. And got all ate up!!

        No, don’t curtail the GOT posts. I’m more curious about it now.

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  2. I invested a great deal of time arranging a bag of corn chips and a beer on the arm table beside the couch to prepare for GOT.

    My wife was amazed.

    Scooter was shocked.

    The cats were in awe.

    I had poured the beer into a glass. Fancy, huh?

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