Drive by likings….


I love to blog.




(I like to think so… but in reality? No.)

I love to read other people’s blogs.




(That looks more like an ostrich egg, but who am I to turn down free food?)

I love to comment on other people’s blogs and have them comment on mine.




(Yes…. Yes I can.)

For me, it’s all about connecting. And I’ve been doing it for over 14 years.

Finding a small tribe of like minded weirdos is comforting, and I enjoy it.

So while I’m relatively new here, and I realize WordPress is a large site with scores of people who try to profit from, or make a living out of it…. I’m constantly dumbfounded by the amount of shadow bloggers who inhabit this space.

They like my post, sometimes they follow me…. when I know damn well they’ve never read a single word I’ve written.

Do they even exist?








This person (?) has 418 followers…

And 85 likes on a post that isn’t even a post.


How can you like something that doesn’t exist?




(Okay, never mind… that’s fabulous.)

But please tell me what the point is here, because I’m confused.

Drive by likings.

Shadow followers.




54 thoughts on “Drive by likings….”

  1. Didn’t used to be that blog lurkers had the option to ‘like’ your posts, but now in these heady modern times the WP ‘like’ button has given them the option to pretend to be involved while remaining distant. Do they actually read what you write? I doubt it. Do I care? Not at all.

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      1. I can’t explain it. I’m too straighforward for such games, but I see the same people leave likes every day without ever once getting involved. They get something out of it…

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  2. You are missing the point: It isn’t that the site had nothing on it; what it had was done up in a color that humans cannot perceive. You have, in fact, stumbled upon a conspiracy of lizard men and their attempts to maintain communications amongst their brethren.

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  3. Sorry, I have a problem with overzealous “liking” myself.
    If I read a topic that interests me, I’ll like the post (hoping to come back later to actually read it). Sometimes I’ll read a few lines – but if the article is quite long… I’ll “hope” to come back and finish it later.

    So yeah, I’m guilty… from a certain point of view.

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    1. Maybe, but you read and commented here. I think we’ve all visited posts, started reading and realized it was a mini War and Peace only to move on. But why follow a blog you have absolutely no intention of ever reading? It boggles me..


      1. I meant to add (to my comment) that I have experienced the same “likings” to my blog – sometimes by people/bots that seldom (if ever) post anything ever again.

        And yes, its also true that I joined the blogging world to get me off facebook (it worked), I mostly reblog or read AND seldom post my thoughts.

        Sadly, I follow many more people than I can keep up with.

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      2. That’s exactly what I don’t want to do. If I follow you, it’s because I like your posts and will read them on a regular basis. I will comment, interact and spread snark with impunity. Anything less is just a waste of my time… and yours.


  4. I delete some followers when they never comment or seem to be a business instead of a person. I don’t want businesses on my list that I follow. I want interaction. Like you, I enjoy writing things even when some days (like yesterday) all I had were memories popping up so photos were the blog. I miss him. I will always miss him. But I try to do other things too. Like Girl Scout cookies and grandchildren and a new man in my life…………I may not be as exciting as you (fans self) but I have fun.

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    1. I do that as well… I was zapping a few every day when I first got here, only to have them follow me again a week later.
      And if you think my blogs are exciting? You’re reading them incorrectly….

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  5. I think we can all pretty much tell which are the “real” followers of our blogs, they comment and we don’t randomly click the likes one after the other. I read you blog, and you know I do because the comment content is related to what you wrote, like now for instance, lol. I have a couple of “ghost” followers but I’m like meh, I know who’s interested and who’s just doing the automated click.

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      1. I’m just as stumped as you are, maybe they just logon to auto-click and leave. I think maybe they think if they “like” something or someone’s blog they’ve fulfilled their blog drive-bys for the day.

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  6. “I love to blog.” Really???? I am flabbergasted!!! I thought you had a gun to your head and had to write at least one blog every day!!
    Seriously, for 14 years I have enjoyed reading your blogs even if not too many are about food!!! :O)

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    1. I do! I really do! No gun necessary….
      And while you haven’t been with me for the whole 14 years (we only met on Blogster, I had 3 previous sites) I do appreciate the loyal following.
      Lack of food posts withstanding.


  7. I think they are working on upping their traffic … I find that many of the sites are selling something. For a long time I was getting hits from poetry sites, and I suspect I got into WP’s suggested bloggers column. More than a few that I have returned the visit have HUGE cleavages featured on the home page, and almost no content. Methinks they may be fishing for something other than followers …

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    1. But how is liking and following me upping their traffic? If someone new comments on my posts, I always check out their pages as well… but when I see Direct Marketing or Online Casino names and avatars I ignore them. It just seems fruitless.
      Now, as for the huge cleavages? Clearly I’m not up to date on modern poets!


  8. One night, someone who hadn’t visited for a while commented on 20+ posts in no time at all ~ as if engaged in a race to some imaginary Finish Line.

    I wondered about the point of her blitzkrieg.
    Did she think I would find it flattering?

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    1. Maybe..
      If I find a new blogger of interest, I’ll cruise their most recent posts to get a feel for them and leave comments on quite a few as well…though nowhere near 20.
      I also don’t feel the need for speed.


  9. How they can have 85 likes on a post that isn’t a post? – that is odd!
    I have given up looking at stats and thinking about the numbers game – it is kind of discouraging. Whereas there are some really lovely bloggers who make the sweetest comments – they make me a very happy blogger.

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    1. I know… 85 likes on the WP generated welcome post, wth?
      And yes, we all like to see our readership numbers grow but I’m not one of those people who needs 3,000 followers to feel validated. A small group of regular followers who read and comment are much more satisfying to me as well.

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  10. I’ll take any followers I can get, even if they’re fake bloggers who follow me only in hopes of building up their own numbers. But even as my numbers grow, ever so slowly, I’ve come to realize that the only “real” followers I have are those who signed up with me way back when, and those like you who actually take time to read and comment. It’s the “real” followers who keep me coming back week after week, even when I feel too pooped to party. (What really slays me, though, is that my mirror blog, which I closed up more than a year ago, is still getting new followers. I killed off the Not CM character – who do those new followers think is going to respond to them? She’s not going to rise from the dead.)

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    1. We live in a land of GOT and The Walking Dead…. anything is possible!
      I used to delete all the business followers, but they’ve finally worn me down. Whatever. I don’t care about total numbers just how many readers enjoy what I post and let my drivel invade their day.

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  11. It’s like a throwback to our y360 days. I remember when Sean and I would compete to see who had more followers and trying to see who could become a featured blogger first. Unfortunately it died before either of us could accomplish that. Although I think we both list interest in said competition long before that.

    Anyway, the better the stats, the more likely the ad revenue. It’s all about the eyeballs. If phantom bloggers are leaving likes in hopes of driving up their traffic, their blogs are likely monetized.

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    1. I understand their ad revenue is based on their traffic…. but why keep following me? They don’t comment, like once, and disappear. It does nothing for them… and by the vast number of people trying to sell something here, I doubt anyone’s getting rich. It all seems such a giant waste of time.


  12. Uhg! This is a burning question of mine too! What is the motivation? Browsing around and seeing situations like that, my mind is boggled. Isn’t this all supposed to be about quality content? Learning about other people and their perspectives? Lol, maybe I just need my septic tank pumped or some huge cleavage instead!

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  13. I’ve complained about drive by likers for a long time. There must be some feed they subscribe to that gives them instant access to freshly posted posts so they can attach their gravatar to it and hope it will direct others their way. I love when one of my more involved posts gets several likes within the first 15 seconds of it going up….. yeah, sure. Thanks for liking something you couldn’t possibly have read!

    All of the “followers” on a blog full of nothing is funny, because is shows the shadow bloggers tend to just end up attracting a bunch of their like-minded (and uninterested) kind…

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  14. Iunno. They’re weirdos. But, are they weirder than people who know us, who read every single blog, and never comment or like and then talk to us at parties and tell us they read us like a weirdo stranger???

    Also, that’s an authentic pterodactyl egg replica — all Friends people know that 😉 In that scene, Ross is bribing Rachel’s boss with something his son Ross might like, because little Ross is obsessed with dinosaurs. Ah, good times.

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    1. Apologies to Friends devotees, I was a random viewer at best.
      As for likers, I don’t know. I’ve never met someone who read me like a weirdo stranger then chatted me up at a party. Hope I never do!

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  15. Because unlike yours and the others I follow, they use bots to get followers and likes. Then they get monies from whoever, who also don’t read…I am pretty sure there are really only like 12 people who are real on the internet, the rest are probably just sent from Russia LOL

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    1. I guess I’m just disgusted that the blog world has turned into a bot run money making scheme…. so alien from its original concept.
      Thanks for your human ( I hope! ) comment.


  16. I could cope, and was flattered, at the beginning of my blogging journey by all the random follows and likes. And made a point of a return visit to them and a follow. Nowadays if someone has not actively engaged with me with at least a few likes or comments I am getting quite ruthless about unfollowing them. I can barely keep up with my little WP ‘tribe’ as it is.

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