That’s just rude.


It’s finally spring in Maine.

The temperatures are warming, the grass is greening and the deer in our backyard are spoiled rotten brats.




We put out a few bowls of grain and chopped apples in the late afternoon and enjoy watching them stroll leisurely up from the woods.




Yes, I’m talking about you.

So imagine my surprise the other day as I was taking pictures…..

And this one stuck his tongue out at me.




How’s that for appreciation?




Yeah, you.




Hey now…




Cut it out!




Don’t give me that look.




Cheeky little bugger.







25 thoughts on “That’s just rude.”

  1. Squirrels are much more civilized. I think (and I stress the think) the only time I ever caught a picture of a squirrel with its tongue out was when I was taking pictures of a squirrel who was licking the “cheese product” out of one of those dipping stick packs someone threw away. Maybe your dear deer would like that…

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      1. Omgosh, that’s really funny! They were like, “We’re strictly here for the birdseed ma’am”☝🏻


  2. Great pics – super fun to be able to sit back and watch them like that. We used to drive thru a forest preserve with our guys when they were really little so we could look for deer at sunset. We were excited when we saw ONE, you hit the jackpot there!

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