Orange in da house!


Okay, technically…. outside the house.




But I spotted a few of these beauties the other day…




And realized it was time to get the Baltimore Oriole feeder out.

20 minutes later…. after tearing the utility  (read – I don’t know where else to put all this crap)  closet apart, I remembered a raccoon had broken last year’s feeder trying to drink the nectar and I never replaced it.




May in Maine means Orioles.

It also means there’s not a feeder to be had within 500 miles. We northerners are starved for color after a long white winter and take our bird feeding seriously.

Jeff Bezos to the rescue.




Good thing I don’t use Alexa.




2 days later Amazon Prime came through with an interesting new triple threat feeder.




A flat dish for nectar.




Spikes for holding orange halves.




And 4 reservoirs for grape jelly.

I’d never done the jelly before, but Holy Hell!  They love it.





Giving birds diabetes since 1923.



35 thoughts on “Orange in da house!”

  1. In the 12 years I have been down heah in God’s country, I have seen exactly one Baltimore Oriel. I got the feeders and everything, but I was too late.
    Apparently though, they don’t hang around for the Texas heat, and head up nawth where the weather is suitable.
    Well, then, to hell with ’em … the feeder goes to the Salvation Army … I ain’t afeeding traveling Yankees …

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      1. The War of Northern Aggression, as we call the Civil War down here, is still on … we were merely disarmed, not defeated. Today’s carpetbaggers are Northern Democrats who can’t get on the ticket in their overpopulated paradises up north, so they come down here to get their start in politickin’

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      1. Oh, I do! Along with the cardinals, assorted bluejays, mocking birds and mourning doves.
        Not much success with the hummers, yet, but maybe someday they will find the feeders before the wasps do …

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  2. We have Oriole’s here in central Illinois and yes keeping them in grape jelly could send you to the poorhouse, lol. I have 2 feeders, 1 in the front and 1 on the back deck. I love their bright color and happy song.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. We managed the front twice, the sides once but haven’t been able to swim through the back yet. I’ll need a machete pretty soon….
        Yesterday morning was 39 degrees. Today? It’s 73. Crazy!

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  3. Haha, I had to re-read May in Maine means Orioles, for a sec I read “May in Maine means Oreos” lol. River, I haven’t been getting the notifications for your posts, so I went into the settings and saw I was not following you, when I clearly know I followed you! That’s the third time that’s happened to me, wth?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I have no idea, but your the third person that I get that “un-followed” thing, so it stops sending me notifications or I can’t see your posts on my Reader, ugh it’s annoying!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Right? This is how I found out, I know you post everyday so I went to my Reader and saw most of everyone I follow. But I didn’t see your newest post, so I went back to your comments and clicked on your WP acct and it took me to your newest post. Then I went to those I follow and your weren’t in there. It’s happened to you and two others I follow. I still don’t have you on my Reader but at least I know whats going on now.

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