Slutty fish and Sumo wrestlers…..


We tried Kume last week.

A  Japanese restaurant with an interesting…. although slightly disturbing, statue out front.




A giant  (think full sized pick up truck)  red sumo wrestler.





Inside, the decor was modern and lit with neon colors.




As were the cocktails.

Blue Hawaiian Martini? I have no earthly idea what was in it… but highly recommend two. Or three.

There was a Hibachi Room, as well as a sushi bar.




And I had to laugh at the healthy purple rice announcement.

It’s coming…

We just don’t know when.




(Sorry, I had to.)

And yes, I’m that annoying person in your party who has to point out all the grammatical errors on the menu.




Slamon ?

Not once, but twice.

And I think tarta meant the tuna was raw, not slutty….

But I could be wrong.





Google’s Slutty Fish Halloween costume proves it.

Our appetizer plate of tempura treats was tasty.




Though I’m not sure how or why their shrimp looked like Italy.




Every meal came with miso soup and salad.




Not being a seaweed and bean curd fan, I passed on the soup…. with basically tasted like hot salt water anyway.

But can someone please explain to me why they’re serving salad at a Japanese restaurant? It was awful. Hard as a rock iceberg lettuce with a hulled out chunk of unripened tomato. Blech!

Nothing remotely Asian about that.

The chicken Yaki Soba entree was good, and plentiful enough for me to eat as lunch the next day.




The grilled seafood plate was also quite nice with lobster, scallops, shrimp and assorted veggies.




Too full for the fried tofu ice cream…



We exited.

And ran smack into this –




A pick up truck sized red Sumo wrestler’s  *ss.

Good times.


39 thoughts on “Slutty fish and Sumo wrestlers…..”

  1. I would guess that they offered salad because that’s something that seems “American.” What would be interesting, I think, is to ask a Japanese person if anything on that menu was something they’d find in their own country. Nine times out of ten, they Americanize their dishes so that they don’t resemble their native dishes anymore.

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  2. I’m surprised it wasn’t “Sramon.” There is no L sound in Japanese, and translators quite frequently have no idea how to compensate for that… but usually L’s become R’s and R’s become L’s. All those old Nintendo games I played as a kid had spelling and grammar errors due to Japanese to English translations that were hilariously bad…

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  3. … I always did prefer my tarts to be a bit on the slutty side …
    or maybe my sluts to be on the tart side … something like that.
    But raw fish? What is wrong with grilling it just a little … too lazy to cook it?

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  4. That fire engine red sumo wrestler with the black thong on would make an EXCELLENT intruder deterrent. One look at that would send then fast in the opposite direction. And what a lovely lawn ornament during the daytime hours!

    I was making some ramen noodles the other day that I bought at our local international grocery store. SO the stuff isn’t your normal nissan or maruchan style. On the back of the package it said that the ingredients might have been processed on the same machinery as “Shrime”… WTH? Halfway through my ramen I realized… Shrimp. Duh, lol.

    Hope those blue drinks didn’t bite ya back this morning!

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  5. River, I think you should get a red sumo wrestler for your yard and then tell friends and family that it will bring them good luck and/or money to kiss him on his behind…then see how many do that. Uhm, keep your camera handy! LOL.

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  6. LOL!
    I actually loved this one place we had in Georgia — Sushi House. They closed after we left, probably because we left. I got a bit addicted to their iceberg with cucumber and shrimp sauce, well Moo and I did. Love miso soup, love it to bits. Love tofu ice cream, too. Miss when it was Tofutti.
    That sumo tho. Oh my.

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