When I die….


My epitaph shall read:

Here lies River

She was swallowed by a quince bush.




This is the bush from Hell that lives and multiplies like a rabbit on our property.




Every fall we wack it down to a manageable level, and every spring it comes back with a vengeance.




Yes, the blooms are lovely.




And yes, the bumblebees enjoy it.




Pardon the bee butt shots. Apparently they’re camera shy.




But damn.

It’s only June and the pink spawn of Satan is already reaching the roof line.




So if I should disappear this summer?

Grab a machete and come get me….




It’s already got three window exits blocked.




I fear the doors are next.



30 thoughts on “When I die….”

  1. My aunt had a quince bush just like that, after five years of nagging, cussing and pruning she cut it down to the dirt and then………she burned the stump. She lit that thing on fire, keeping an eye on if of course, and that burning bush from hell has not returned.

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  2. Oh my gosh, why is it that so much loveliness has to be so evil? Get the riding mower after that sucker. But first, clip me some beautiful branches and send them to me — not to plant, just to enjoy for a few days in a vase! It really is quite lovely! Also, don’t die doing this! Keep your machete handy just in case it fights back! Mona

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  3. The size of the limb that you cut back and the new branches that have grown from them almost looks like you’re dealing with a tree instead of a bush. There are Quince trees AND bushes just like with the Crepe Myrtle. I had both the Crepe Myrtle bushes about 7 feet tall and a Crepe Myrtle tree which was about 25 feet tall when I lived in Florida. Might be why it’s SO big!?

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    1. It doesn’t have a tree shape or tendencies. Spreads like a bush…. a ginormous bush!We’ve been here 17 years, the previous owner 5, and the owner before that dealt with it too. I’m guessing this thing is about 30 years old.


    1. This thing would have swallowed the house, the garage, the barn and all neighbors within a 3 mile radius. Seriously, I’ve never seen anything grow so much, so fast. Lord knows all the things I buy, plant and baby won’t.

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