More baby chuckers!


Remember how I warned you there would be  more pictures of baby woodchucks than you ever thought possible  future photographs of our backyard wildlife?

It starts now.



Calm down, they’re babies and they’re cute.

How bad can it be?



In the evening, it usually goes like this…




Mother woodchuck comes out to see if the coast is clear.




And must give some kind of silent signal…




Because before long….




The little ones are scampering around everywhere.




They love our deck and run back and forth so quickly it’s hard to snap a shot.




Two of them chase each other around and love hiding under the grill cover…




While the other two are busy eating deer grain.




With their mother…




Who is in serious need of an 18 hour bra.




Sorry girlfriend, but it needed to be said.




I know you can’t un-see that. 


Maybe this bit of cuteness will make up for it.




He doesn’t quite have the hang of it yet…

But he’s trying.



33 thoughts on “More baby chuckers!”

  1. I used to have those type of “moobs”, but keto works for me, so much so (in fact) my wife tells me ro eat a sandwich.
    *** as for the baby chuckers…

    All I got is:
    How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Clearly Jack has had one (or three hundred) too many sandwiches.
      And yes, you do have to wonder why they’re called woodchucks when they don’t ever chuck wood.


  2. At least they’re not called upchucks because that would be a completely different visual– worse than moobs! Cute little critters. (How much food could an upchuck chuck if an upchuck upchucked food. See what I mean?) Mona

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