I wish WordPress had Smell-O-Vision.


I really do.




Because it’s apple blossom time at Casa River.




And next to lilacs, they’re my favorite natural scent.

We had a long wet spring….




And now even the smaller trees are bursting with blooms.




Every little branch is covered in fragrant blossoms…. and when the breeze blows?

Pure heaven.

But since Smell-O-Vision isn’t available, you’ll have to take my word for it.



It’s that good.

Fun fact : Every tree we’ve planted in the past 15 years?





I don’t know why… they just died. Some lasted a few years, others mere months.

But this apple tree?




The one I didn’t plant? That must have sprung up from a floating seed….

Grows 3 feet every summer.




And this year, it’s bee nirvana.





I had to.




30 thoughts on “I wish WordPress had Smell-O-Vision.”

  1. I lurve apple blossoms! We have apple trees — although one is half-dead and needs severe amputation, the good bit still flowers and fruits!
    Our lilacs never opened. They budded, waited for warm weather….
    My lilacs are very sorry for all the tree deaths you’ve experienced.

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  2. Out of the goodness of my heart, I will spare you clips of I’LL BE WITH YOU IN APPLE BLOSSOM TIME and DON’T SIT UNDER THE APPLE TREE WITH ANYONE ELSE BUT ME. Next time, I may revert to my old song evil ways, so be careful what you post.

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      1. I’m happy to oblige, but I don’t want to strain your vocal chords, so here’s only one of the two songs (note I chose a clip which provides lyrics, just because I’m such a thoughtful guy to a gal who needs help — haha):

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  3. Oh, I’m grieving your trees. My rose bushes finally bit the dust. They didn’t like the humidity. Black spot is an ugly thing. I wish you had smell-o-vision too. Don’t think I’ve ever smelled an apple blossom. It sounds like it smells lovely. Of course, if we did have smell-o-vision, my concern would be that there would be those who would abuse this in the most offensive ways. So it’s probably for the best. Mona

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  4. You need a “tree of heaven” (ailanthus) like we had in the backyard of the house I grew up in. You’ll have a whole forest (or I should say jungle) full of trees in no time with absolutely no effort!

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