Head for the coast…


When it’s hot in Maine? You head for the coast where the sea breeze cools the temperatures considerably.

So that’s what we did on the July 4th weekend.

We battled the tourist traffic on Route 1 and headed north with a cool and calm demeanor.



Seriously….. there’s a reason we call you people Massholes. You’re not going to find a barista on every corner in this state, please go back to Boston.

Boothbay Harbor was packed, so we kept going.




Through downtown Rockland where they clearly wanted us to eat something. Hopefully not the building itself.




And through downtown Camden where the cows are always smiling.



Camden is a gorgeous harbor town with lovely old homes lining both sides of the main street.





This one always catches my eye…




Not your typical New Englander to be sure.




We wanted to stop for a drink and a bite in Lincolnville….




But sadly the Whale’s Tooth Pub didn’t open till 4:00pm.




So we ended up in Belfast, down by the harbor.




Which is always a good choice.

To be continued…



21 thoughts on “Head for the coast…”

  1. River,
    Oooh, I’d love to hear more about the cool, old house with the turret. What’s the story there? (Even if you’re not sure, you know you could make one up and I’d never know the difference! 😉) Mona

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    1. I admit to not having been born here… although I got here as fast as I could…. so I don’t fully understand the innate hatred Maine people have for Bostonians and Massachusetts residents in general. I’m told it’s their arrogant attitude and their desire to turn every quaint Maine town into Beacon Hill or Charlestown. They come for the unspoiled beauty… buy prime pieces of real estate… and then proceed to spoil it. The dislike is deep and not likely to disappear anytime soon.
      Of course we all love the Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins. Go figure.

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