Things I like today… chapter 2.




A Maine woman is experimenting with weed to dull a lobster’s pain as he’s plunged into that boiling pot of water.




There are worse ways to die than high.




The article in case you want to read it:

Baked Lobster

I like.




A local homemade R2D2 warning drivers to slow down.




And this one reads in his spare time. Who knew?

I like.




Rhododendron season.




For a burst of pure color it’s hard to beat.




I like.

The bees like…




It’s all good.




And finally…




The dollar bill I received in change….

Complete with instructions on how not to spend it.




I like.

24 thoughts on “Things I like today… chapter 2.”

  1. The dollar bill I received in change. Complete with instructions on how not to spend it.<—-I got one of those once! Entered it on and sent it on its way……………


  2. Heeeheeeheeheh! They stone you when they throw you in a pot. They stone you when the water gets too hot. They stone you when you’re trying to be so good. They stone you cuz you’re about to be their food. I would not feel so all alone if every lobster must get stoned! (All apologies to Bob Dylan.) BTW, aren’t there stoned crabs as well?

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  3. Do we know, scientifically that lobsters (or any cold blooded creature) feels pain? I’m not so sure, I’m on the fence about this. But hey if someone wants to put some hard earned weed into it, go for it! lol
    The dollar bill though, too cool for school! hahaha!

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    1. As far as I know, there’s no difference between cold and warm blooded creatures. Pain is transmitted through receptors, not blood…. though theirs flows more slowly. Lobsters do react to stimulus, hence the bucking when they hit the boiling water… but have a simpler brains than humans and don’t process pain the same way. Either way, it’s not a pleasant process.

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