Do you like lobster?



I love it.

(But I live in Maine… I think it’s mandatory for citizenship.)

When we lived down south I missed lobster. So when we came home on vacation? I had lobster omelettes for breakfast, lobster rolls for lunch, lobster quesadillas for bar appetizers and lobster chowders with baked stuffed lobster for dinner.



Picnic? Lobster salad.

Day at the beach? Lobster bake.

We’re pretty lobster-centric in these parts.



Which made it hard for me when I came up allergic to the glorious crustacean about 7 years ago and could no longer eat it without becoming violently ill.


No more of this –



Or this –



Which makes me want to do this –



I’m teased by lobster at every turn living here.

There are festivals devoted to lobster.




Lobster parades.




And lobster boat races.




My husband orders lobster for dinner and eats it in front of me.




We go to  motorcycle rallies where they serve endless streams of lobster.


a 068


Every friend who visits from out of state wants to don silly bibs and eat lobster.


Copy (1) of 006


It kills me. Each and every time….

But now?

There’s a restaurant we pass on our way up the coast that’s really rubbing my nose in it.




And that’s just….







38 thoughts on “Do you like lobster?”

  1. That first gif reminded me of when I introduced my youngest to fried shrimp at a buffet restaurant: He got a big plate of it, as did I, and we ate and talked. I asked, “What do you think of shrimp?” and he said, “I like it” It was then I noticed that my plate had shrimp tails on it and his plate was empty. He’d eaten the tails, too…

    BTW, for me it was rice that I developed a reaction to late in life. I used to have it at every meal. And, I feel like screaming too…

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  2. So you like, randomly developed an allergic reaction to lobster after being able to eat if for years? That is so weird, and I’m sure it’s hard for you, especially now with that big ginormous lobster on the roof of that restaurant. Are you able to eat other shellfish or are you allergic to everything shellfishy? lol

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  3. … the greatest price I have paid for my religion was the prohibition against shellfish. No lobster. No shrimp. No oysters. No clams. No Catfish … well, the catfish was no big loss. But I sure do remember the different chowders on my visits up there …
    I tried the ersatz stuff made out of whitefish and tofu … bleah! They should be executed for that horror!

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  4. I’m only a fan of landlubber critters. Seafood has never looked delicious or even edible to me. It’s probably a good thing I don’t live where seafood is all around me, because I’d probably get sick of just looking at it…

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  5. It’s so sad. I’m sad for you, truly. It would be like living here in Indiana and being allergic to corn.
    I like lobster, but not as much as I like crab and loooove oysters. I hope that doesn’t happen to me with oysters…
    so sad.

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