For bird nerds.


If you don’t spend countless hours staring out the window with camera in hand to see if a new bird has shown up at the horrendously expensive buffet of seeds, nuts and suet you arrange on what used to be your laundry pole?

Feel free to skip this post.




But birders will get it.

The other day I spotted a Red Bellied Woodpecker. They used to be relatively rare in Maine and all the field guides say they shouldn’t come any farther north than Massachusetts… yet here they are.

Trying to get an unobstructed shot of one proved a bit more difficult.




Juvenile starlings are notorious photo bombers.












An even rarer spotting was this Scarlet Tanager.




They’re usually forest dwellers and our place is pretty open.




So I was tickled pink when this little beauty showed up.




Or red, as the case may be.

That’s the wonderful thing about bird watching, you never know what you’ll see.




By now our Baltimore Orioles are usually long gone, but this year I bought a feeder that houses grape jelly so they seem to be sticking around.




These two made me laugh.

They seemed to be squaring off for an orange eating contest.




Granted it doesn’t provide the same excitement of hot dog eating contests…



But there’s also less chance of projectile vomit…

So that’s a plus.




Bird watching… there’s never a dull moment.

Alright, I lie. There are plenty of excruciatingly dull moments, but when something special does happen?

You smile.


31 thoughts on “For bird nerds.”

  1. All birds look about the same to me. I realize they’re different sizes and colors, but after that it’s a bird. Therefore I’m impressed that you know your birds and that you can snap such pretty pics of them. Neato.

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    1. We have lots of those as well. It’s all in what you feed them. I do nuts, dried fruit, seed, suet, peanut nuggets, hummingbird nectar, oranges and grape jelly. It’s one stop bird shopping!

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  2. You have a great array of birds flying into your yard River, you are so lucky. Just like Nowhere Tribune, all I ever see are doves and those flying rats with wings, pigeons. I don’t count the woodpecker that drove me crazy last summer by pecking at the roof line of the house so early in the morning, ugh he was an asshole.

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  3. I had a woodpecker, who must’ve had cognitive issues. He – or she- would peck at the metal pipe at the top of my roof. So, every morning it sounded like a sheet metal worker up there. Anyway, I didn’t realize that grape jelly attracted orioles. I may try that!

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