It has clearly been a loooong time.


Waiting for the husband the other day….. (I swear, that man will talk to a rock)  I sat aimlessly,  playing with my phone.



Scoped Apple news, saw an article on concerts in Las Vegas and thought, we have timeshare resorts there…. I’ll take a look.

Lady Gaga in October?

That could be fun.

Or not…




I believe my jaw literally dropped open.

Okay, I get it.

I’m old.




My concert going days ended with the Grateful Dead and CSN. Back when a record was an actual vinyl record… (look it up kids, V- I- N- Y- L)

But mother of god!

$8,097 for 2 tickets?

For that price I’ll want Gaga to rip some of that meat off her dress, cook me dinner and do the dishes when she finishes singing.




Who the hell can afford that?

Again… I know, I’m old.  55,  that’s practically dead.

And the last ticket price I paid was probably $75.

But damn.

You shouldn’t have to mortgage your house to see a show.








45 thoughts on “It has clearly been a loooong time.”

  1. Recently Duran Duran was playing in Florida, and I wanted to get my wife tickets, but I couldn’t see spending $300 (yes only 300) per ticket for an outside venue with no seating (lawn chairs not allowed). Gone are the days for good/cheap tickets. 😦

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      1. Well, to be fair…. Woodstock wasn’t supposed to be free. It was a $16 dollar ticket, but the crowds were so crazy there was no way to enforce it…. so it became free later on the first day.


      2. While I didn’t know that, I will add that there was far more than the one performer entertaining the crowd back then, AND there was no need for any techno explosive smoke screens or computerized music. 🙂
        That being said, even I would say that the $16 ticket price may have been fair. The amount to hear Lady Gaga? Not so much. ***In my opinion

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      1. Gaga tickets are $700 – $1800 in Vegas which is STILL stupid crazy . I couldn’t find any for $8K …. so not sure what… search skills must be on the blink….

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  2. Haha I remember paying $18.50 to see Ozzy Osborne back in 1982 and I thought that was a lot! My parents were like who pays $18 for a ticket to a concert? But $8k that is ridiculous, it should be the price as you said, for dinner, the show AND a weekend at the hotel, pppfffttt…..

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  3. I love Streisand but the last time she was here ‘good’, not great, seats were $500 plus–and to think just ‘yesterday’ (1964?) I paid $12 for a front orchestra seat to see her in the show “Funny Girl”!!
    Like Gaga but unless it includes a full week with all expenses paid, including a penthouse suite, I am not spending MY $8,000!!!

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  4. I can’t think of anyone that I would spend $8K to see. Not even if a failed Presidential candidate that refuses get off the stage performed a self-immolation.
    I suspect that the Casino’s will comp a significant portion the price for some of their loser … err … clients.

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  5. I agree! Some of these ticket prices a utterly stupidly ridiculous and to think people actually purchase them because let’s face it if they didn’t have the market for it then they wouldn’t be able to charge such outrageous prices.

    I have been trying to get to Beyonce for years and unless you’re going to be in the nosebleed section of the stadium (she doesn’t do arenas anymore *insert major eyeroll here”) you’ll still be paying a few hundred for those tickets. Thoroughly insane!


  6. I’ve never been particularly interested in her or her music, but between the meat dress and the ticket prices, I’m utterly disgusted. She better be donating a trillion dollars to charities for any hope of absolution. This is not about age, Rivergirl! It’s not you… it’s her!!


      1. I have NO interest in attending rock concerts. I am good with the symphony or small sit-down venues, like Tori Amos.
        If someone else bought me a U2 ticket, I’d go, but I would never spend the money.

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