Hurricane humor….


Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve experienced many terrible storms over the years. When we lived down south we had trees come through the windows and parts of our roof ripped off. The destruction is real and nothing to be taken lightly…..

That being said, we also had a sense of humor.




We had to.

And while my heart breaks for the people of the Bahamas suffering the devastation of Dorian, I’m twisted enough to laugh along with my friends in Florida who were spared the worst of her.

Their FB page had this the other day…




A very useful thing when you’re living on canned goods and snacks because there’s no electricity.

They also posted this pic of their local grocery store.




Now really…  how bad does your bread have to be to be the only brand left on the shelf during a hurricane?

And finally, this news blurb I saw on my phone.

Phil? I have two words for you –

Spell check.



29 thoughts on “Hurricane humor….”

  1. While you have to respect their ability to cause major damage, you gotta laugh about natural disasters, too. Especially when the humor is spot on to reality. Cream of mushroom soup + Merlot. You betcha!

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    1. The ability to laugh at the horror always impressed me. On the NC coast I saw a house completely leveled during hurricane Fran. It was awful. But the owners put their toilet out front with a sign that said, “At least she left us the John”.

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  2. So lets “asses” the situation, Campbell’s soup pairs great with red wine, Nature’s Own isn’t that bad a bread, and Phil Helsel can’t spell under hurricane conditions….note taken! I”m going out to buy some red wine and mushroom soup after work… there are no hurricanes here because we’re land locked BUT you never know! lmao

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  3. Sometimes all you can do is laugh. I learned that when I worked in a hospital. At first the dark humor upset me (“Really? People are dying here!”), but soon as I was making wisecracks with the best of them. Much better than crying. Humor sometimes helps you move forward through the stress and chaos.

    The little picture of the dog with the raincoat amused me. During one of our big blizzards, we learned the Weather Channel people had arrived. Definitely, not a good sign.

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  4. LOL – I just got a message on Facebook from a relative that said, “We’re in trouble now, Jim Cantore showed up in their town!” They’re not leaving, maybe I should suggest it’s time to open up the Merlot?! Your kind wishes to those who have been affected are nice, though, thank you!

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  5. When we were so hard hit twice down heah in God’s country, gallows humor kept us going when the news kept getting worse … fortunately, the only asses we had were the weeping politicians on TV … we didn’t weep ’til it was over. Then we went to work.

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  6. I grew up 50 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico…south Central Texas to be exact. You have to laugh. You just have to.

    I’ve lived through Carla, Beulah, Celia, Then after college started working in Broadcasting in Houston and dealt with Allison, Alicia, Rita, Ike and retired a few years before Harvey. Seen it all, done it all, finally had enough. Hurricanes are major stressed. its the approach, the landfall and the horrendous aftermath that lasts forever. That’s shun Humor is as vital as safety during and after the storm . And on that note…

    One of Trump’s advisors was a little confused about a recent hurricane’s name and ran up to him and asked in a panic what to do about Hurricane Katrina…

    Trump said: “Give her the same deal we gave Stormy Daniels


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