So, maybe.


Just maybe…

I should clean out my cupboards a bit more often.

We have a tall skinny cabinet in our kitchen. It’s not very wide, which constantly leads to items being pushed to the back to make room for new.

Sometimes they get pushed really far back. Really, really far back…

Like a solid mile and a half back.

For example, this container of chicken broth…




Fat free!

Kudos to me for being healthy, right?

Well, I should have realized this wasn’t going to be good when I saw the label. The last time I bought fat free was when I was dieting……




In 2014.


37 thoughts on “So, maybe.”

  1. The value of hex “A3” in decimal is “163”.
    I think this means you are good for 3 years AFTER the 16th year – so essentially 2019.
    But don’t take MY word for it.

    *** I always take the words “best if used by” with a grain of salt. -but that’s me. ~ymmv

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  2. I know this isn’t a competition but the friend I’m staying with in the UK can beat that – we recently found a packet of Angel Delight (a powder you add to milk to make the most delightfully tasty and unhealthy mousse) dates 2009…the year he moved in. I was tempted to make it but was grudgingly talked out of it.

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