Do you Duluth?


For those not familiar with Duluth Trading Post…. it’s a clothing store with rather humorous commercials.



I say rather, because men usually get a bigger kick out of them than women.



Seeing that the subject matter is somewhat….. gender exclusive.

I’ve never had reason or opportunity to shop at Duluth, but recently a store opened in South Portland and my girlfriend wanted to go see what all the fuss was about.

Aside from some overpriced  ( $38 for a plain t shirt? I think not ) and under-styled clothes?

There were these:




An entire section of stupid products.




With a decided bent toward what you do in the bathroom.




Color me unimpressed.

Although I did chortle at these…




Because they reminded me of that horrible gynecologist I had who always asked me how things were “down there”.

Thankfully she lost her license to practice.

But who knows?

She might work for Duluth now….



32 thoughts on “Do you Duluth?”

  1. It’s not much different from women: As we get older, what we carry gets in the way and our bodies turn on us like a crazy old lady on a subway…

    And, middle-aged men have money. I’m not paying thirty-eight dollars for a t-shirt, but SOMEONE is…

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  2. There’s nothing at all wrong with that Anti-Monkey Butt powder. I want to say that we got ours from Walmart. The Sticky Ass Tape is probably like Gorilla Tape – that’s some sticky tape and the name that will stick to you too. As for the Poo Pourri… I’ve seen it through a YouTube add and have always wanted to try it out. While we don’t have a need here, there’s a guy I work with that can sure use it.

    Here’s something for your mind to wrap around; when you get a chance look up “That” may really will help you. It has helped us.


  3. I always liked Duluth’s commercials and catalogues, then a few years ago one opened here. We went there [once] and I was unimpressed with the actual clothes. And the bad merchandising of them. And the junk around the store. I’ve not felt the need to return, so in answer to your question: “No, I don’t Duluth.”

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  4. I DO Duluth. I think the commercials are hilarious. Must be a man thing. I actually have a Duluth Fire Hose work coat. It’s great because it’s heavy enough to keep me warm but not bulky.

    However, what I really want to know is what your gynecologist did to lose her license?

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    1. She misdiagnosed my fibroid tumors for years which forced me to have a full abdominal hysterectomy. And that’s just me… Lord knows what she did to other people.


      1. River,
        Oh, Wow! I’m so sorry that happened to you! Yep, she absolutely should have had her license taken away! Good for you for following through on seeing that happen! Mona


  5. Haha! I’m glad. No woman should call it ‘down there’ ugh. I have a post about it, cause that stuff matters to me.
    I think the Duluth commercials are entertaining, and my understanding is that their duds are durable. I wouldn’t know, but that’s my understanding.

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