Another baby barn update.




Next step in the baby barn remodel was the removal of the addition the previous homeowner added.




This was easier said than done….




And at times required multiple beatings with a crowbar.




Slowly but surely it came down.




And the temporary walls and roof were removed.




Which is when we noticed a wee bit of sag.




A little lifting…




A little of me saying WTH?






A whole lot of digging….




And propping up later, it was level.




On that side…. which usually throws all the other sides off.

I swear this entire project has been so much work than it needed to be. We could have torn it all down and rebuilt an entire new one in half the time it’s taken us to get this far. Which I believe was my original idea.

Cold weather is fast approaching, and we’re no where near done.



News flash – yours truly will not be out there working in sub zero temps.






40 thoughts on “Another baby barn update.”

      1. Facelift is something I can do, since the shed was here when we moved in. Tear-down and rebuild requires a permit and may require moving the shed to a less desirable location (or applying for a variance).

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  1. I hate that baby shark song, but I have to tell you, every time I see a Baby Barn Update title on your blog, in my head I keep hearing, “Baaaaybeee, barn, doo doo doo doo doo doo…” Thanks a lot!

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  2. How could you not name your baby barn, “Barney?” It’s kind of self-naming, isn’t it? You could even steal the song from the giant purple dinosaur and modify it. “I saved you, you screwed me, isn’t that just the way life can be, with a nail here, a stud there, some floor siding walls…now we’re sound until the spring ice thaw.” Sorry. That was really bad. That was the best I could do in the short amount of time I have today. It’s coming along, though. Mona

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