A visitor and a test drive.


As the husband was laying tar paper on the roof of the baby barn the other day, our farming neighbor dropped by to say hello on one of his toys.




Clearly my husband is not the only one who likes old and rusty things.




I have to laugh at how comfortable the husband looked up on the roof.

Give him a beer and a snack and he could happily watch the game from there.




Neighbor’s 2 year old son is a cutie and loves going for a ride with dad.

That being said…




You know husband had to take a ride himself.




And I can only hope our neighbor never wants to sell the damn thing…




Because you know where it would probably end up.


44 thoughts on “A visitor and a test drive.”

  1. I love how your hubs is staring down at the baby with that “It’s my turn to take a ride and your not coming along” look, that’s priceless! lol

    Yes, lets all cross our fingers and hope your neighbor doesn’t sell that thing, because if he does I see yet another barn going up in your yard. Oh lawd!

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  2. That kid’s going to turn into a collector of old, rusty things. You watch. I’m surprised your husband doesn’t already own one or two of those. He does have a tractor, though. I know I’ve seen pictures. Right? What did y’all decide to name the baby barn?


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