Who is Uncle Sam….


And why does the bastard want all our money?






Ain’t that the truth.

But I’ve just finished doing our taxes…. and now I’m brain dead.

Yes, I always wait until the last minute. Why not? We haven’t gotten a refund since Christ was a Corporal so our returns don’t get mailed until April 14th.

You heard me, mailed. As in snail….with a stamp and everything.

Remember those?




Haven’t you heard the Post Office is dying?

I mail all my bills.

I mail back every postage paid envelope that comes my way… empty.

I even  *gasp*  mail actual birthday cards.

Technology is great, don’t get me wrong. But there’s nothing less personal than a 2 second birthday text.

No one needs that.

So be thoughtful, take the extra time to write your best wishes….. and help save the post office you know you’re going to miss when it’s gone.




27 thoughts on “Who is Uncle Sam….”

  1. Congress exists for one reason only … to spend the money you give them. The more money you give them, the more they do their job. In fact, they have already spent the money you are going to give them as well, and now they are sniffing around for new sources of money.
    Rich people give a lot of money directly to Congress critters, so they don’t have to pay taxes to the government …

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  2. I mail back every postage paid envelope that comes my way… empty. <—no. stick expired coupons in there. Add some weight to it so these junk mail places have to PAY more.

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  3. How do you save on trips to the pharmacy? What’s not to love? Long lines, rude employees. I’m just talking about the post office not the mail carriers. They are great, especially right now.

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  4. This is the first year we’ve ever owed. I reckon we’ve ‘made it’ as in make enough money to support our kids, LOL we’re high-falutin folks now. Not a fan. We’ll be mailing our payment as well. I mail things. I buy stamps and errrythin.

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  5. I haven’t put a stamp on an envelope since Mithra was a Major!

    (*Since my Savior was a Sergeant?)

    (*Since Prometheus was a Private?)

    (*Since Buddha was in the Barracks?)

    (*Since Indra was Enlisted?)

    I’m still working on my messiah alliterations … bear with me!

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