I think I have to go there!


(Please try to refrain from telling me where to go, although I know it’s tempting.)




Fair enough.

But since we’ve previously established my fondness for rocks…. it shouldn’t come as any surprise that I had a sudden itch to visit Spain when I saw this:




A town that’s literally built into a rock?


Oh, yes….

Hell yes!




I’m in.




How about fan-fucking-tastic!




Check it…




These people love rocks more than I do!




Is this wonderfully bizarre… or what?




I totally want to go.




Free air conditioning!




Sign me up.




27 thoughts on “I think I have to go there!”

  1. Matteo’s family home on Sardinia is built on rocks. They stick thru walls all over the inside of the house. I LOVE It.

    This place looks like fun!! LET’S GO!!

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  2. I read a fellow blogger’s post about her time in this town a while back. It does look pretty cool, though the timing of your sudden desire to go to Spain is rather unfortunate. Chances are good the town will still be there when this pandemic is finished having its way with the human race, so you might consider going then. I, for one, have a trip to Spain planned and booked for this summer. It’s not looking good… 😦

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