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Even the pandemic doesn’t stop them…


I went out the mailbox the other day, found a hand addressed letter and thought, how nice! Someone took the time to put pen to paper like we used to.

And then I read it.






It seems Covid 19 has stopped those annoying Jehovah Witnesses from knocking on our door…



But they’ve found an alternate way to try and spread their word.

Oh well, I’m sure the post office appreciates the added revenue.



Who is Uncle Sam….


And why does the bastard want all our money?






Ain’t that the truth.

But I’ve just finished doing our taxes…. and now I’m brain dead.

Yes, I always wait until the last minute. Why not? We haven’t gotten a refund since Christ was a Corporal so our returns don’t get mailed until April 14th.

You heard me, mailed. As in snail….with a stamp and everything.

Remember those?




Haven’t you heard the Post Office is dying?

I mail all my bills.

I mail back every postage paid envelope that comes my way… empty.

I even  *gasp*  mail actual birthday cards.

Technology is great, don’t get me wrong. But there’s nothing less personal than a 2 second birthday text.

No one needs that.

So be thoughtful, take the extra time to write your best wishes….. and help save the post office you know you’re going to miss when it’s gone.