More Pandemic humor.


Because some things you just can’t get enough of.



This is quite true, at least for me. I’m constantly amazed at the stories on social media of how productive people are being with their forced spare time. Amazed, and a little annoyed.

Stop it over achievers…

You’re making me look bad.



It was all right there…

We just didn’t see it.



If only I had stocked up.

My dream home in Tuscany would be that much closer.




Not a single thing…

36 thoughts on “More Pandemic humor.”

  1. My son is coming back home now that I’m no longer quarantined. I’m going to recommend he write a book. He already speaks three languages so I’m damned if I want him to learn another one…

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  2. I’m with you and oh…..Gweneth Paltro can kiss my ass, she’s a couple of chromosomes short of a six pack…
    MD 20/20 in different flavors? Where was this when I was in high school gulping down the old regular flavor? Anyway, I’m about to lose it working from home, the only thing good about it is, I can have my white wine cocktails while working…okay maybe its not too bad.

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  3. My house guests who have been here since the outbreak are now leaving for the long drive home. But other than that, the great lock down of 2020 wasn’t much of a change for me. The biggest horror was going without my favorite cookies from the bakery and having to substitute Oreo’s.

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  4. I’ve actually gotten less work down on my novel since the quarantine started. Could that have something to do with my wife being here all the time with those honey do lists? I’m not dumb enough to answer my own question. All I can say is that my new writing area kicks ass! Even if I’m not using it to it’s full potential.

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  5. I haven’t shaken any chip crumbs out of my bra, but I do know what day it is. It’s………the day after yesterday (I think).

    P.S. My wife wants me to stop wearing a bra, so I told I’d stop when she shaves off her beard.

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