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Pandemic humor…


Because laughter is literally the only medicine.



I haven’t walked into a bar in 142 days.

Let that sink in…. and tell me pigs aren’t flying somewhere.





Correct signage has never been more important.




I’m beginning to notice a trend.




He’s right.

We probably are.




Finally, a way to make men wear masks!

Thank you Katie.

And if all that was too depressing, let me leave you with this…..





You’re welcome.



Making a grocery run with the husband looks a little different these days…




As does his idea of the word essentials.



But the real news of the day?




We found two of the most elusive items in Maine. Flour and toilet paper!!!

Now I can say I know how a crack whore feels after a fix.

Well, maybe not exactly how.

But still…



We found these precious jewels at an out of the way, generic name grocery store in the back country.

And no, I’m not telling you where.



Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.



Even if it doesn’t quite live up to the original.



You knew there would be more…. right?



Nice unabrow.



Nice…. dragon?



Not many men can carry off the parasol look. Though the Frito bag gloves do help.

Kudos sir.

And if you think it’s all about classic art….



Well, dogs playing poker is someone’s idea of a classic I’m sure.

I may not be able to find flour….


But I really need something blooming in my life right now so I masked up and headed to a local nursery down the road for the other kind of flower.




No make up, no manicure and wearing a sweatshirt.

The Corona lock down has definitely put a nail in the coffin of my beauty regime.

Please note the mask is color coordinated though.

I’m not a heathen FFS.



Came home with a car load full of pansies, begonias, geraniums, mallow and a container of pretty I don’t know what.



This will be a good start… but no where near enough to fill my beds.

Damn. We always miss the good stuff…


Since the virus apocalypse has killed our beloved Red Sox season this year, it’s been a struggle to find alternative viewing when we’re in the mood for something competitive.

So imagine my dismay when I realized we’d missed an entire day of stellar sporting events….



Damn it!

You know that was a nail biting, edge of your seat good time.

And if it wasn’t bad enough we missed the spitters?




We missed that too.

In fact, we missed an all star line up of great competitions.



Cheese rolling and stone skipping?

Be still my heart.



Stupid robots and slippery stairs?

These are probably future Olympic events!

And we missed them.


Pandemic humor.


Because we all still need a laugh.




Now that’s just rude.




This looks like a great idea since I always whup the husband at gin rummy and he won’t play with me anymore.

*Note to self – borrow neighbor’s rooster*




I really do miss traveling.

Even if it’s just to the next town.









Gwyneth  (correct spelling)  can bite me.

( Did I already post this one? Maybe… but the sentiment holds true. )





They think they know everything. It happens to be tequila.

Stuff it Mittens.




Jesus… neither do I!

We’re doomed.