Ars Gratia Artis.


Art for Art’s Sake.

Noble words, but do they apply to off color road graffiti?

Let’s ask the woman in my town who discovered a piece of art and posted it on Facebook….




Well, yes.

That is a rather large  skin flute, dipstick, tallywacker, schlong,  piece of art.

And apologies for the photo censorship, it wasn’t me.

I’d never deface someone’s  Johnson, knob, love muscle, trouser monkey,  creative expression that way.

I did however get a kick out of the comments on this post.




Of course.

That’s what I thought when I first saw it as well.




I’d always been told size doesn’t matter.

Clearly,  that was wrong.





That’s sweet, if mildly disturbing.




And yes, considering the size and scope of it?

That’s probably sound advice.




26 thoughts on “Ars Gratia Artis.”

  1. I saw some artwork just like that on a passing train while stopped one day… with my Dad in the car. We got such a kick out of it, and brought it up while laughing every time we were stopped by a train after that. Guess who I inherited my perverted sense of humor from….

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  2. … well, he put everything out on the street for all to know. I hope his art gives rise to higher thoughts. It … ah … pricks the imagination, but if he gets too cocky, a fast moving semi might stretch things out a bit further than he intended.
    I don’t think I’d want that hanging over my couch, even if the artist framed it …

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