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I still love my town, but…



Remember Mr. H?



The charismatic donkey that was built as a parade float but had recently been traveling around our town?

The one a local artist spent two years designing and building?



Mr. H was well loved in our small rural community and people looked forward to seeing him cruising from place to place. Homeowners could request a Mr. H visit and he would happily park on your lawn for photo ops and climb aboards.

And then?




An event that’s shocked our close knit little town.



The following is a statement from our town’s state representative –




The artist donated this cat sculpture to our local elementary school and he happily greets children every morning as they start their day.



I wish I’d known about the little memorial gathering. I would have attended and mourned his loss.



As well as the loss of civility and common decency we’re currently experiencing in this country.



Rest In Peace Mr. H.

I’m hoping everything you and the flag you stood for isn’t dead as well.



As long as they keep making them…..


Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring seems to be a favorite in the re-created art catalog.

For which I’m glad.




Though this next one does differ quite substantially from the original….




You have to applaud the commitment.





Proof positive your mother was wrong when she said you’d never find a place to wear head to toe green.




Man with vacuum cleaner.

You know women will swoon over this.




Oh. My….

The less said about this the better!

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.



Even if it doesn’t quite live up to the original.



You knew there would be more…. right?



Nice unabrow.



Nice…. dragon?



Not many men can carry off the parasol look. Though the Frito bag gloves do help.

Kudos sir.

And if you think it’s all about classic art….



Well, dogs playing poker is someone’s idea of a classic I’m sure.

Ars Gratia Artis.


Art for Art’s Sake.

Noble words, but do they apply to off color road graffiti?

Let’s ask the woman in my town who discovered a piece of art and posted it on Facebook….




Well, yes.

That is a rather large  skin flute, dipstick, tallywacker, schlong,  piece of art.

And apologies for the photo censorship, it wasn’t me.

I’d never deface someone’s  Johnson, knob, love muscle, trouser monkey,  creative expression that way.

I did however get a kick out of the comments on this post.




Of course.

That’s what I thought when I first saw it as well.




I’d always been told size doesn’t matter.

Clearly,  that was wrong.





That’s sweet, if mildly disturbing.




And yes, considering the size and scope of it?

That’s probably sound advice.




The last batch.


But really, how can you not love these art re-creations?



Look at that woman!

Having her husband’s head on a platter has simply made her day worth living.



The nose is a little less spectacular, but okay.




Im not sure which is more disturbing, the original or the remake.



Is it me…

Or does that guy look like George Harrison’s Indian guru from the 60’s?



Art imitating life, or life imitating art?

Either way…. that man is slaying it.

And now, the final picture.

Which couldn’t be any more relevant if it tried.